The Breath Wave

Grounded in the science of breath is a shared experience by all practitioners of conscious connected breathing. An experience of clarity, comfort and freedom.

‘The Breath Wave’ is an open and balanced self practice of your own breath, flowing as a relaxed and continuous wave. This full respiratory breathing technique enhances the flow of oxygen and life force (prana) throughout the body and mind, slows down the patterns of the brain and the nervous system and cultivates a high vibrational frequency; facilitating vibrant health, mental and emotional clarity and a liberating connection with our higher self.


“You are your own greatest healer and teacher”

~ Robin Clements


The breath is your own vibrational medicine. Re-member this simple way to activate the bodies innate intelligence, the key is to be present for a short period of time, by placing our attention on the rhythm of breathing to receive, relax and allow. The more consistently we practice, the more presence and aliveness we enjoy through out our daly lives.

Breath is our connection with the source of life that we all share. During this Time of Awakening and Transition we are being called to rise up in our own power and individual purpose for being here and reconnect to our inner guidance, opening and connecting our hearts and minds as we tune into the new frequencies of Oneness through the cellular matrix of our bodies.

Our breathing is a reflection of our relationship with life which is mostly limited and un-conscious. Conscious awareness of our breathing can be one of the great keys to self-healing, personal growth, balanced relationships and world peace.
When we make the choice to open, receive and relax, we make way for new possibilities and creative expression.

Be gentle as you empower your self, start where you are at, visualize what you are capable of, set your arrows high and surrender. Gradually you will set your self free from old stories and you will find it easy to cultivate higher states of awareness and vibrant health.

It is important that you learn from a reputable source how to balance the breath to facilitate a comfortable experience for your self. Even though this technique is like allowing water to flow through the body temple, breath is the fire element and the exhale must be relaxed to maintain a balanced ph in your blood and a comfortable state of relaxation and safety throughout the brain and central nervous system.
Just for a few moments every day, slow down, let your body relax…..and breathe in the freshness of new life, your body knows how to exhale, let this happen as the breath falls…..repeat this connected, relaxed breath for just a few minutes. This simple practice done regularly can be a golden key to inner peace, genuine happiness and vital health. Even just a few minutes of circulating the breath openly and freely can completely change your state of wellbeing and outlook on life.
When we allow we accept and when we accept we receive and replenish. By caring for our selves we have more energy to maintain balance between what we give and receive by having our own needs met.

Robin Clements is the Founder Breathwave, his focus at this time is teaching facilitators and he also shares the BreathWave audio guide here online, as well as private sessions one on one or via Skype. Contact us here for details. Join us personally at one of our international retreats Teacher Trainings and eventually your own breath can be a daily practice with only personal limits….