The Breath Wave
Stop for a few moments daily. Relax, breathe and integrate. Receive the power of life and Surrender to everything, just as it is.

The Breath Wave’ is a simple and miraculous self healing art. A gentle and profound self healing modality that utilizes your own life force energy through conscious circular breathing, sound healing and focused intent.

Your own vibrational medicine.



Our breath is our connection to the source of life itself. It is a reflection of how we relate to life which is mostly limited and un-conscious. Conscious awareness of our breathing can be one of the great keys to self-healing, personal growth and self-fulfillment. Vibrational Medicine is the medicine of the moment.


The Breath Wave‘ is an open and balanced experience of your own breath, flowing as a continuous and relaxed wave. This full respiratory breathing technique enhances the flow of oxygen and life force (prana) throughout the body and mind and cultivates a high vibrational frequency; facilitating vibrant health, mental and emotional clarity as well as spiritual liberation.


You are cordially invited to experience ‘The Breath Wave’ daily in the safety of your own home as a practice that can enhance and improve the quality of your life and all your relations. It is important that you learn how to balance the breath to facilitate a comfortable experience for your self as even though this technique is like allowing water to flow through the body temple, breath is the fire element and the exhale must be relaxed to maintain a balanced ph and to have a safe experience.

Robin shares the BreathWave audio guide here online, as well as private sessions via Skype. Contact us here for details. Join us personally at one of our international seminars and eventually your own breath can be a daily practice with only personal limits….even just a few minutes of allowing the breath to move openly and freely, relaxing the exhale can completely change your state of being and therefore everything else.


“You are your own greatest healer and teacher”


Robin Clements: BreathWave with the Radiance Sutras