Heart 2013

How is your heart? <3 Have you been practicing conscious breathing? This has been a tough year for many of us, for me included.... I feel this strongly and I know it is perfect! As a result I feel stronger and more humble. Deep within we all know what we must do to honor the truth that guides us from within our Hearts, in any situation and with our life as a whole from our first to last breath. I am still learning to walk with an open Heart as my steps still slip. I pray for the courage to honor my Heart, to follow it without slipping, to know that thoroughly enjoying this life in the many ways I know how is not defined as slipping and to become a living example of Great Spirit in human form! We all have within our Hearts a sacred spark of Great Spirit. It is time we all really follow this wisdom and it is essential that we offer up and accept and receive the love and guidance of one another on this journey. Egypt showed us this today! The Great Mystery is a Golden dream full of everything we need in the moment. We must accept out story full of shadows and know that we are given precisely what we need to continue to evolve forward in love. This includes the habits and conditions that we came to heal. Our greatest yet to be is about to be revealed! And it happening Now! When we apply a short time to our daily spiritual practice, the heart's wisdom becomes very clear. The key to opening the heart with the breath is to allow the breath to reach the mid and upper chest while staying connected from the base of the belly. Relaxing the exhale is always essential with this technique. Even a few mins a day will change your life. Much more to come on this blog including specific guidance and suggestions. I have honestly been very discouraged with so much Spam on my last blogs that I have take a break yet it is a burning desire that fulfills my purpose when I share this work. Therefore you will be hearing much more from me. :-)
Love and Breath*
Robin C.