imageBreathWork – How do we cookie stamp it?
With deep gratitude for this path as a Breath Coach, Facilitator and Trainer, I share this blog to clarify for my students, apprentices, partners and global family why our BreathWork no longer fits in the frame of the Transformational Breath foundation and to explain as clearly as I can in words the ever evolving approach to Conscious Connected Breathing that is still so clearly wanting to come through me and those that resonate with a similar way of sharing this wonderful gift of breathing as a more open and balanced relationship with life.
Firstly it is essential to give thanks to my most influential teachers who hold an important part of my growth and evolution over the course of the last 18 years.
Sunday Myers – Thanks Doc! You are amazing and truly gifted as a healer. Thank you for taking that young surf punk under your wing and cracking me open like an egg when I needed it the most.
Wendy Ruddell – Thank you for bringing us the breath to Baja, for those weekly sessions at your home, for such sweet depth of knowledge and authenticity. I will always be honored to hold circle with you.
Judith Kravitz – Eternal Gratitude to you dear mother of so many. Thank you for so much, for the teachings of so many years of experience and really for showing me how when the egg cracks from the inside out it brings new life. You showed me how to heal my heart and there is no grater gift I know ❤️ To live from this place where it all meets.
Dan Brule – Thank you brother for teachings us that there is not just one way. You to me are a true star in this world of Conscious breathing. Thank you for pioneering this service and practice from the source of Baba Ji
Sandra Ray – For your sweet humble way, for all your books, darshans, kirtans, and journeys back to the source. I honor you as not only one of the first to receive the transmission but as a great queen and priestess for the Divine Mother
Jennifer Kaye – for reminding me I was on my way and that I had reached new heights. I always hold you in my heart and send you prayers of perfect health. You are amazing!
Grandmother Kaariina – Thank you Love! For so much, for your fierce love, for really getting me and overall for the old medicine ways and for bringing us together in circle where we belong, in conscious relationship with all things.
To be very clear as to what is coming through us now and how it no longer can be defined or stamped as Transformational breathing, there are 3 main differences of how the work is evolving through us as a collective. 1.- the difference between a hierarchy in a class room to equality in a circle. This message is reflected by our elders in council as an example when we step down from a pedestal of the Guru and come into an equal and balanced relationship with everything in all directions as our life. We are empowering each other at this time to re-member who we are, to become members again of a collective family.
2.- The gentle baby step approach of organically allowing students to gradually become more comfortable with their power at their own pace. Essentially as facilitators we are humbly supporting our breathers with our full attention on what is moving in the moment, trusting the intelligence of the breath without an agenda while offering verbal guidance and hands on support. I always honor and thank Judith and the evolution of many years of experience that we learn in TB as the foundation for most of these tools we teach to facilitators, the difference to our approach now is simply more gentle and respectful without an attachment to outcome. BreathWork is a very powerful modality of vibrational medicine and in our experience as facilitators we realize that beginners do very well with a gradual gentle approach. The contrary is to give people too much too soon and they can be stirred up so much that they are no longer interested in going deeper and fully integrating what wants to heal through the breath. This is a life long practice. By Simply applying our attention and a willingness be alive here and now we find a deep sense of surrender and belonging by loving our selves fully and releasing any limitations.
3.- There is no one way to do anything. The only true masters have said ‘you shall do all this and so much more’ and all of the great teachers today are teaching the same things in different ways.
What TB is trying maintain understandably is to stay consistent with what you know you will get when you work with a TB facilitator. TB is like the BigMac and there are countries all over the world where you can get the same experience. We respect this and understand the importance of maintaining quality. What I feel could facilitate the growth of the TB family is to establish a real Rite of Passage to a higher level as a Trainer for groups and to teach facilitators and to offer room for more creativity teach what comes through us individually while empowering others to do the same.
Clearly there are reasons for some of the trainers flying out of the nest of the TB foundation that don’t need to be mentioned other than lifting prayers for continued growth and the realization of our wealth as a reflection of our dedication to health and surrendering our ambition to the universal law of abundance; the truth that there is more than enough reciprocity in nature for us all. This is our birth right, sometimes we have to be reborn to realize that It’s not about nickels and cents but rather circulating Universal love intelligence.
My agreement with the higher council is to meet each other again here in this council and to hold pillars together around the One world tree.
We are the fulfillment of the prophesy through our own self realization.
When the external teacher is no longer needed the inner teacher begins to be breathed by the One Breath. To students in training to share this wonderful tool professionally with others we suggest they call it whatever resonates with them.
For those who are ready to move from personal gain to collective awareness, from external to internal, from the class room to the circle, this is what our training offers.
To the rest of us it is from the circle to the streets. We are all accountable and held as equal in the circle, no one is special or closer to the center.
To all my relations ✨
With Love and Gratitude