A Reciprical Exchange of Abundance, healing scarcity consciousness.

A Reciprocal Exchange of Abundance


Abundance is the nature of life. We all deeply know this and yet we are programmed to believe that there is not enough to go around. As humans we are taught, especially in the west, that we have to work hard to get more, that $ doesn’t grow on trees and that we need more than what we have. Circular breathing is a very simple but profound reminder that we are the abundant nature of life.

My experience living in Mexico has helped shift the idea of being in a box that society tells me I am supposed to live in, supporting the system as a consumer and a client to very few people who control the financial system, our food, our water and our power.

Most of us have been conditioned with fear to live in scarcity consciousness so we work for someone else and do what we are told. Is this the land of the free and the home of the brave?


The truth is humans are brilliant and therefore eventually realize that a life in harmony with nature, giving back for what we receive is a life in balance with natural law. An important part of our evolutional survival on this planet at this time now is to return to the old ways of living. Planting and harvesting our food, utilizing mothers natures medicine, practicing and sharing self healing modalities and living in community, in unity. Most of us are very aware of this fact and even though we still live within a system that promotes imbalance, across the globe we are empowering each other more and more through education that teaches these natural laws of abundance and reciprocity.


This blog is coming through to inspire awareness and practice that can create more abundance for us on all levels.

First of all relating to our physical health by placing our attention on our breathing we can observe where our personal blocks are in regards to a natural exchange with our environment.  With a gentle circular breathing practice we can remind the body to relax which is most beneficial contrary to high stress levels that are proven to be the main cause of imbalance and disease.

For many conventional medical Doctors the use of breathing techniques as integrative medicine is new because the training simply does not exist in their education. They learn the anatomy of the respiratory system and diseases related to this system but nothing in regards to the breath being used as a way to directly effect the nervous system nor that it is a way to control anxiety and balance mental and emotional states or that breath can raise spiritual awareness.

A conscious breathing practice will improve digestion, balance irregular heart beats, help any stress related disorders, lower hypertension, improve circulation, deepen sleep patterns, as well as oxygenate and energize the physical body to prevent disease and offer us more available energy to enjoy life. The deepest benefit of breathing is related to the relaxation response that relaxing breathing techniques promote. We are living in a time of an epidemic of stress related diseases. Everything from headaches, back pains or any physical tension, to ulcers to cancer is caused by accumulative stress. To be human is to experience stress. Stress is physical, chemical but mostly emotional.

Breath is the only function through which we can shift our perception of stress by influencing the involuntary nervous system, also called the autonomic nervous system. The involuntary nervous system has 2 branches, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic. When we perceive a threat to our survival the sympathetic nervous system takes over and many involuntary functions such as digestion, cellular regeneration are placed on standby. The heart speeds up and circulation increases as we take on a defensive posture of fight or flight. The parasympathetic nervous system is just the opposite, it slows the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, increases movement to digestion muscles and organs, etc.

As a result of the demands of daily life today the sympathetic nervous system is over active and this is the major cause of the majority of imbalances in our health as this consistent stress perpetuates a more tense, outer reactive and defensive state of being.

With a practice of relaxation breathing techniques we can increase the function of the parasympathetic nervous system and give the body the ability to go directly to the imbalance in nervous system function and create chemical and emotional harmony.

This shift in our nervous system is a major emotional shift from fear to love, from scarcity to abundance, from focusing outside to focusing within. This personal decision to utilize the mind as a tool for focus is what I believe to be the most empowering shifts we can make, not only in our bodies for a our physical health but also to manifest more abundance of what we have instead of creating more of a lack of by focusing on what we don’t have.

As I have been teaching this practice of breathing now for many years I continually see the changes in ones ideas of what is possible. Many people in spiritual circles are searching for something greater in life and frankly have a limited view of their own capabilities, including their ability to create a financial abundance of money therefore experience a lack of. The breath gives us emotional confidence and clarity.

We all have a different alignment as a result of our beliefs around abundance and our worthiness of goodness in our life. In my experience when we relax into what is and receive the fullness of the breath we find a deep trust in the Universal forces of nature and develop a knowing that our needs are met.

When we place our attention on the breath we can deeply feel the expansion and contraction of life. This is the natural rhythm of everything in the Universe. Therefore by consciously breathing we become One with all things.

As facilitators of Breathwork we have the privilege of being a part of this empowering shift for others as they remember how move their own life force energy. As the breath moves in a continuous wave, we not only relax our whole system, we engage in an intimate exchange with Source energy which gradually raises the vibrational frequency of our electromagnetic field. The Universal law of entrainment begins to lift and shift the vibrational quality of any low vibrational patterns of energy that have been stored in emotional energy body. This is the law of relationship, all things relate and effect each other. As more and more practitioners continue to practice vibrational healing techniques we continue to raise the vibration of our collective experience here on this planet.

Remember this fundamental reciprocal exchange as a daily practice and you will feel, surrender and know the abundant nature of your life.

I don’t know of anything that plays my heart strings more, it fulfills my souls purpose when I breathe and even more so when I share this gift with my relatives.

To All my Relations


“Breathwave is a perfect movement into stillness silence and then presence arising….. we are truly blessed with these teachings and teachers legacies.” Grandmother Kaariinarespira-1