Beachfront BreathWave – Halfmoon Haven 2017


Beachfront BreathWave Teacher Training Levels 1&2 at HalfMooon Haven Resort and Spa on the Sunshine Coast of B.C.

A focused training circle into your own breath with a wonderful group of committed friends nourished at the amazing Halfmoon Haven on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC!

These powerful 5 day journeys circulate the true innate power of life and wisdom while cleansing old ideas.
We are in an important time to transcend the paradigm we are currently living in. During this Time of Transition we are called to rise up in our own power, our individual purposes for being here and reconnect to our inner guidance, opening our hearts and minds as we are tuning into the new frequencies of this new dawn through the cellular matrix of our bodies.

The intention of Level 1 is to establish a daily conscious breathing practice for grounded, effective inner guidance, integration and higher awareness at this powerful time of great awakening and change.

These 2, 50 hour intensives of breath training consist of both levels of the Conscious Connected Breathing program to become a certified Breath Facilitator.

Sept. 15 – 20
Level 1, The Self Healing Path – A 5 day Ceremonial Intensive retreat focused on breathing and moving through the 5 main elements in the body and establishing the breath as an effective tool for managing our own life.
This Level is essential to the complete learning process and integration of this life long tool.
Sept. 22 – 27
Level 2, The Facilitators Path – A complete Ceremonial Training to become a professional facilitator of Conscious Connected Breathing.

Come for 1 or 2 Levels based on your intent.
This breath retreat and teacher training is a 1-2 week offering to our selves deep into a ceremonial practice and evolutionary boost with the innate healing power of your own vibrational medicine.
We offer up our highest intentions for all our relations and lift each other up with the powerful and balanced healing art of Conscious Connected Breathing.

Slow down the mind, open your heart and firmly establish a personal practice for next level freedom and vibrant health.
Conscious Breathing is a master key to a balanced life.

There is no symptom we have found that the breath doesn’t bring life back into and literally no contradictions to who can benefit from the simple power of circulating source energy with a relaxed continuous breath.

Level 1, The Self Healing Path
Sept. 15 – 20
This 5 day breath offering to your self is designed for anyone to ground down into the body temple, breathe and open your wings by cultivating the practical means of a self healing practice.
This Level 1 is a ceremonial dance of the 5 Elements through morning yoga, 2 daily breath sessions, group council, sound healing, meditation, life visioning, developing goals and intentions, complimentary breath techniques and tools for integration.
Your life is changed four ever, this week is to give back to you.

The only prerequisite for this retreat is to establish a clear intention and fill out the Application form.
Level 1 participants in the retreat are not required to stay for Level 2 but are encouraged to stay for an extra day on the land for a smooth integration back onto your path with wilderness activities, massage and down time.
Establish the breath as a companion, ally and tool for life.

Level 2 – The Facilitators Path
Sept 22 – 27
This 5 day 50 hour intensive training is packed with the tools to facilitate Conscious Connected Breathing. Designed for professionals to learn the necessary tools to support others as a breath coach. We continue to dive deep in ceremony with the opportunity to breathe and facilitate the breath each day.
– Daily yoga, group council, song, dance and other integrative tools guide our journey.
– Through Breath Translation and coaching skills we learn from the patterns that arise in the breath and how to hold space for what is moving while deeply trusting in the Universal intelligence of the human bodies innate wisdom.

We encourage another 2 days on the land nourished by the food, the rivers, hands on healing (massage) and down time for smooth integration.

This 50-hour training includes;
Foundational Breathwork theory, philosophy, and techniques, including experiential education in:
* the technique of conscious, connected breathing
* related breathing techniques that support and complement conscious, connected breathing
* self inquiry and empowering questions
* reading the body and breath
* developing the ability to perceive the imbalances/”story” in the body and breath
* a wide variety of effective tools used to safely and confidently facilitate others
* conscious touch
* affirmations correlating to the story of the body and breath
* inquiry
* toning, releasing movements, and body repositioning
* how to recognize and work with common breathing patterns
* use of intention, invocation, and themes
* psycho/spiritual counselling
* sound healing – the power of our own voice and using vibrational healing instruments and music
* a ceremonial approach to holding of sacred space
* holding group sessions vs private sessions
* collaborating with other modalities
* Six personal facilitated breath sessions
* Six opportunities to practice facilitating someone else in a breath session
* the importance and helpful keys to self practice
* The Conscious, Connected Breathwork Facilitator Training Manual

Interested in offering Conscious, Connected Breathwork sessions in your community and around the world?
These 2 levels as a full 10 day, 100 hour experiential training is a profound healing and learning experience that will give you what is necessary to develop an abundantly rewarding profession as a breath facilitator and guide for others.

Level 1 participants in the retreat are not required to stay for Level 2

Requirements for Entrance into Level 2 – The Conscious, Connected Breathwork Facilitator Training to be completed prior to the first day of Breathwork training are as follows:
-Completion of the Conscious, Connected Breathwork Facilitator Training Application form
-Previous participation in at least five (5) facilitated conscious, connected breathwork sessions (in any related style of breathwork (i.e. Breathwave, Holotropic, Rebirthing, Clarity, Shamanic, Integrative, Aletheia, Transformational, etc.)) or completion of Level 1
-Previous education, training, and/or work experience that will support your ability to safely and effectively facilitate breathwork (e.g. massage/bodywork, counselling, yoga teacher training, alternative medical training, or similar/equivalent) (This requirement regarding training is flexible for those that demonstrate solid capacity but may not have yet completed other training – decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis)

Each application will be reviewed thoroughly and, if deemed necessary, you may be asked to complete additional practices and/or Level 1 prior to being granted entrance into Level 2 of the Conscious, Connected Breathwork Training Program.

Halfmoon Haven Pricing Details

Rates are $75 per person per day. Plus $50 per day for the catering service of 3 meals.
This comes to a total of $750 for 6 nights as our base cost.
Extra days to integrate on the land are an additional fee of $125 for food and lodging.
There are 14 spaces available at the shared room rate.

There is additional dorm style rates available for camping, rvs, and dorm rooms at a rate of $55 per person per night. There are 6 spots available at this rate.
For dorm style rate your food and accommodations package is $630
All participants will have the option to stay one extra night for the Sunday which will include the extra cost.
Minimum exchange for the Training is $700 per week on top of the base cost for food and lodging. For this retreat comes to – $1250 per Level
Monthly payment plan scholarship plan is an option if you need help with the $700 exchange.
Each participant is required to pay the full cost of food and lodging on first day of arrival for registration.

“Though I am not made of money I realize that any SERIOUS training that gets results requires a financial investment. Often what we give is what we get out of any experience.
I have extended a generous gift of open exchange to empower participants to offer what you can with an optional payment plan.
I have deep Reverence and divine confidence in this training to be equal to any $5,000 training today and yet Spirit has asked me to stay unattached to what people can offer so as to make this opportunity accessible to all.
If you have more, please offer more, we offer what we can.
We all pour our whole life into this training!”
This experience is priceless
Robin Clements

Halfmoon Haven is pleased to offer all our guests the following included ammenities:

Complimentary WiFi on the entire property. As well as our optional hard wire in every room of the deluxe suite wifi password is 6045622025

Unlimited use of our 26 jetted therapeutic hot tub, located right under our 500 year old grandfather doug fir tree.

Use of all beach items including chairs, umbrellas, boogie boards, floatation devices, sand toys, fire pit items, 2 barbeques located on the deck.

Fruit trees, organic gardens, waterfalls, ball hockey court, sand volleyball court, badminton, bocce ball, croquet, and snorkel gear are all available.

Games library, dvd library, book library are all on-site.

800 square foot Yurt facility on-site for yoga, meditation, small business retreats, workshops, ceremonies, family gatherings and reunions. Yurt includes 3 round tables and 3 rectangle tables, and 30 matching chairs, projector and surround sounds stereo system. Go to

Halfmoon Haven Optional Services

Halfmoon Haven Spa services: 90 minute Hawaiian Lomi massage: $150, booking of spa room with sauna, steam room and salt room plus hot tub and fresh towel $10 per person per hour.

Breathwork sessions or nutritional sessions with Jenn Field contact her at 604-908-5366 for more details.

Family and counselling session with Chris Fletcher, for more details go to Rates are $95 per hours

Kayak rentals go to

For boat and fishing charter rentals go to the Buccaneer Bay website at:

If you are traveling on a weekend we recommend you get ferry reservations at;

We are on a bus route which will drop you off right in front of the retreat. Go to:

10. You can also travel by float plane from the airport which will drop you right into Sechelt

Your Facilitator;
Robin Clements is a Vibrational Medicine Specialist
Sr. Teacher Trainer of Conscious Connected Breathing, founder of Baja Wellness, Doctor of Divinity and yogi. Robin has received initiations from lineages including, Transformational Breath, Re-birthing, Shiva Rea, Lakota, Anishinaabe, Navajo, Mexica , Huichol, First Nations and several bodywork certifications.
His passion is facilitating collective breath ceremony and teaching teachers. He offers a space grounded in science, held in prayer, insight, compassion and humility with 19 years experience guiding BreathWork and yoga.
The offering of this Breath Training is his deepest call and highest service at this time.
He will also be accompanied by his amazing beloved Eden Balaban and special guest teachers and facilitators to assure every participant gets the hands on support and one on one guidance neccesary for this training.

Apply to –
Any questions please feel free to call Robin at 604 445 2281 or email

For questions about Halfmoon Haven and travel details call Chris – 604-560-0823 or 604-562-2025 cell or email

The address for Halfmoon Haven is;
8505 Redrooffs Road, Halfmoon Bay, BC, V0N 1Y1

Apply to