In a Gentle Way

Posted on Feb 1, 2018

As the Founder of Breathwave I want to share some information and inspiration about conscious breathing.
We are living in a very exciting time in which our whole model and vision about health and the state of our world is shifting and evolving.

The last 20 years of my life has been inspired by the results and benefits of conscious breathing. It is a very fulfilling path to share as a life purpose.

I invite you to get clear about what you want to create with your breathing. What frequency are you turning up?
When you bring intention from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind your life changes. Breath is the bridge.

I am happy to see many more scientific studies being done related to breathing and its benefits. My vision is to offer a gentle breathing practice that is free and accesible to all human beings, because breath is an unlimited, free and natural resource.

The important thing to understand about breathwork is that there are many styles of breathing and that every different pattern and style of breathing, consciously or unconsciously has a certain effect in our bodies and in our lives.

Overall we are continuing to learn more about how the breath strengthens the immune system, eliminates toxins, balances the endocrine system, improves our sleep patterns, reduces inflammation, improves circulation, balances blood pressure, massages the spine and the internal organs, calms the mind, slows down the nervous system and brings more vital oxygen into every living cell for healing and rejuvenation.

This here is my most important message – Being an athlete and a yogi, I have seen what working too hard for too long can do the body and the mind, eventually like a battery we drain out and short circuit. What impresses me more than someone that can climb everest in their board shorts is someone that can come back to their Centre and stay peaceful in a stressful world.

Some of the breathwork that is being taught is teaching people to work hard and other styles have a reputation for being a cathartic experience that is emotional and dramatic. Thankfully what we are seeing more of and what the BreathWave invites is a gentle experience that reminds breathers how to slow down and relax while accepting life as it is.
You can find this guided practice for free on SoundCloud –…/breathwave-v-528-21-min

Calming the mind and relaxing the nervous system is the most beneficial thing we can practice today. We are living in an epidemic of degenerative diseases that are mostly caused by stress and our response to it. When we are in survival mode all of our internal systems have to work overtime. Our body is designed for survival but when we fail to relax the body it is not given a chance to heal and regenerate.

The body is self healing, self detensing, self cleansing, self regenerating. Breathing is a self healing practice, we are of the ones breathing. By deepening and relaxing our breathing we bring our selves into a more favorable healing state of harmony in a very short period of time.

Self realization is an experience of connectedness with the vital radiance of life that connects us all. I believe that we all have the ability to cultivate our own radiance but the pharmaceutical industry behind old paradigm of our education teaches the dominant darwinian view of competition, that the strongest survive. What we are seeing now as a pattern of slavery is that most of us are just struggling to survive, tied up in the system.

The new paradigm today is living our truth of infinite abundance, free energy, vital health and free resources. A way in which we can begin living this truth that there is more than enough for all of us is through an intrinsic connection with our own breath.

As more and more people connect with their own breath, this world will be a more peaceful place to freely live extraordinary lives in love and harmony.

After all, the spiritual life is an exploration of our own extraordinary nature.

Robin Clements

‘In a gentle way you can shake the world’ – Ghandi

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Sadhana – Practice

Posted on Dec 6, 2017

More and more people today are being called through the stressful circumstances of life to do our inner work. We know scientifically that our relationship with life is a reflection of our inner attitudes and beliefs. The problems in the world are being addressed more and more by individuals through self awareness and self practice.
Sadhana in the tantric path is the process or practice of self illumination. It is very helpful to stay soft and to be gentle with your self when you are doing spiritual work as you allow, accept and embrace the shadow aspects of your self as a victim. Raising your energetic frequency follows a pathway of awareness. When we get tense or too serious about any aspect of life there is a tendency to cling, judge, identify or attach to the shadow. Give your self a break and the result is love through your own self loving.
Through the different layers of self processing it is essential to give relaxing time and space for integration. It is common to have ahah moments or enlightening realizations. Let your self just be and feel the qualities of awareness that relate to what is being transmuted. Notice how you feel, rest and relax and let your self settle into compassion and appreciation.

With a practice like conscious connected breathing the feeling experience can be ecstatic as more energy is rushing through our being. This can be very blissful and also depending on your attitude and what is moving, the feeling experience can even be intense. Relaxation plays an important part role physically, mentally and emotionally because relaxing your breathing keeps the body relaxed as it unconsciously tells your body that you are safe as you are potentially freeing old patterns of heaviness.
As we begin to practice techniques that are new it is a very good idea to be supported by the guidance of a reputable teacher or Facilitator that is trained and experienced.
I can offer you a recorded audio guide that will take you into your own experience but in order to completely open, balance and clear old limited patterns of breathing related to ways of being it is very helpful to have a witness that can help support you in the opening in order to enjoy a comfortable journey of experience.

We must let our selves get a little crazy these says as things can be a little crazy these days. And we also must let our selves slow down and relax to more completely nourish and care for our selves. As we do so we find that our relationships are easier and more balanced, we find more energy and passion to work with as we serve others and as a result the world is becoming more a peaceful and joyful place.

Peace and Blessings
Robin Clements

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Fighting my Fears is an Old Story that Ends with Me

Posted on Sep 1, 2017

Fighting my Fears is an Old Story that Ends with Me

Generations of war breads men taught to fight over what we cannot own. Our ancestors lived through horrific tough times. As men we have had to be strong and tough as fearless warriors in order to survive and save lives.
Today we live in the same world at a very different time. Even though we have been programmed with fear to support greedy politicians what is really being asked of us is peace. In order for there to be peace between nations we first must establish peace in our own hearts. For men today this takes some serious inner work that may wisely include some tools for anger and stress management. In cities all over the world men are getting together in circle again to support one another in these hard times. Financial pressure for the family provider and simple self esteem issues can ruin a man. The system has us in a strangle hold and we are not being taught how to break free. Most men instead of doing what we love, are over worked in survival mode. The grand corporate trick is that we are separate from the all abundant, all providing source of the Universe.
War on the other hand is a result of the sickness of greed. We are still at War if we continue to perpetuate suffering for our selves by fighting what we have been taught to believe is against us. The truth is that there is no ‘us and them’. The greatest battle is with our own inner demons. We only get stuck when the ego wants to win.

It is time to throw in the towel and surrender to love.

The old stories are just good teachings. Now we are co-creating something new.  The wiser we become the more gentle we are and a true wise soul is loving and forgiving of oneself, of his own ancestors, his own parents and his own neighbors and perceived enemies. All forgiveness is self forgiveness. Once we really sit with our own personal shadows and fully accept them as the perfect medicine for our personal and collective growth and evolution we realize that there is nothing to defend but our ego. Continue to surrender and allow your self to grieve the past. Baggage becomes much lighter.
Inner strength to transcend the dark nights is the character of a true warrior.
If we ever need to defend our selves in a very real life threatening situation when we must stand our ground and protect our family we know how. Both men and women are wired and equipped with powerful defense mechanisms as important tools for our survival. When this chemistry of defense doesn’t turn off is when  the body and our lives continue to deteriorate.
In our day to day lives we can make more conscious decisions and live as a solutionary.

A very healthy decision today is to realize what you want to live for instead of what you will die for. What you will die for you are afraid to lose. Everything we are afraid to lose is passing.
Life is sacred. When i Honor it I am in love with it.
I surrender my pride and allow the Universe to power through me.
Thank you Creator. Make me an instrument of thy peace.

Robin Clements
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Breath is medicine

Posted on Jun 27, 2017

‘Breathing is medicine and my body likes to breathe’

So easily overlooked is the effective medicine of our own breathing. So simple that it is easy to forget. There are many different ways of breathing, most breath patterns are unconscious, limited and controlled. Being consciously involved in our breath in any way is highly beneficial for the mental, emotional and physical body.
On a physical level conscious breathing improves the circulation of vital oxygen, therfore is the most effective remedy for any cardiovascular symptoms such as high or low blood pressure, hypertension, arythmia etc. Full respiratory breathing also improves digestion, eliminates toxins, massages internal organs and balances hormonal secretion through every area of the endocrine system, therefore nourishing each and every organ and emotional centre with the feel good chemistry of health and radiance.
The body just simply likes to breathe. The key is to learn how to breathe from a reputable source. There is a difference between thinking about breathing and really being involved in your breath. To breathe in a balanced way and to notice where you might be controlling, resisting or forcing in the body can literally change your life. Choosing to surrender creates un an inner freedom that allows for physical and psychological disorders to improve and often dissappear all together. Patterns of control and hard work can have an adverse effect that is not optimal for many reasons. Tension in our breathing restricts overall blood flow and limits our ability to relax. The ability to relax may be the most important quality for health, wellbeing and overall balance. When the body relaxes all acupuncture energy channels are free and any pathological patterns are reversed resulting in radiant health, more energy and positive emotions.
You may realize that it is natural to bring things to this present moment that don’t belong to you. Ideas of self worth, labels and judgements. One of the major benefits of Conscious Breathing is reprogramming the subconscious mind, recycling the worn out old tapes of conditioned ideas and beliefs.
Now that we know that our thoughts literally create our biology we know that we are recreating our life and our health as we chose. Having a regular practice of Conscious Breathing is a very powerful gift.
‘Breathing is medicine and my body likes to breathe’


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Sacred Partnership

Posted on May 6, 2017

The essence

Sacred Partnership
We are here to love, learn and grow with each other. Sacred partnership is a commitment to our evolutionary nature.
We are in relationship at all times with all things.

In order to have a conscious partnership or sacred partnership with any thing we must first establish a conscious relationship with our selves. Intimacy with the nature of life comes with a willingness to transform and learn from the ancestral suffering that has been held in our cellular body. Sacred partnership is vital to the evolution of human consciousness.

Buddha realized 4 truths when he awakened.
1. Human life consists of Suffering
2. There is an end to suffering
3. The end of suffering is the removal of the causes of suffering
4. The eight fold path of yoga – a recipe for liberation.

For me sacred partnership began along with the study and practice of yoga. At this same time in my early 20’s I was also invited to frequently attend sweat lodge ceremony. Both of these practices over the years helped me peal away layers of worn out stories and beliefs and brought me closer to the ground, closer to my breath and at home in my heart instead of being lost in my mind. Eventually I realized that these rituals were a way of making love with Creator or Source energy – the creative force that governs all life. Any powerful and effective practice within the field of health and wellness is grounded in science and taught through life experience from teacher to student. My intention in learning yoga and participating in sweat lodge ceremony was to deepen my relationship with my self and life’s mysterious ways. I knew from the results of how I felt when I experienced these practices that I was more alive, more clear and more aligned somehow with the natural forces of life. So I worked on my self for me. Quite the opposite of the ways I had learned to escape my body, yoga and group ritual practices remind us to be present and listen to our bodies as well as each other.
My real learning began when I decided it was time to share a deeper connection with another. All of my patterns of ego and what I thought to be true was challenged by the women in my life as I opened my self up to transform ego into respect and service to others. Through this process of healing my greatest helpers along side these women in my life were the ocean and my breath.

Today I can gratefully claim that the search is over, that my walks beside is my divine life partner. Every relationship I have experienced has prepared me to live in right relationship with all things through this communion with my beloved.

What I have learned is that sacred partnership starts with our selves, with an intimate relationship with source through our own breath.
Life is no longer about getting more but letting more. The search is not about what we can get from any relationship but rather what we can give and how we can serve. I believe we came into this life with everything we need. A new born baby is the magnificent technology of perfection, just as is each women to give life, here to express in form and enjoy the process of life. Fundamentally we need each other to thrive.

To be in right relationship is to give back for what we share and receive. In the culture I grew up in we forgot how to give back. I learned to be a consumer, to take what I needed and throw away what I had used. What has brought me more pleasure than anything in this life is the opportunities that life brings to help others breathe and awaken to their true nature and gradually feel more comfortable with true power. We are made of light, the same particles as the stars and we came here to shine. Many relationships are a misuse of power. In the west we are not taught right relationship, we are taught to compete in a world that is a survival of the fittest. We can not just keep taking from our Mother or soon she will be done with us and simply shake us off. When we learn to garden we learn the cycle of the seasons, we learn that we must till the soil before we plant seeds and that the seeds must be cared for, weeded and nourished before we reap the harvest of our relationship. What we don’t use we give back to the soil and what should not be thrown back in the soil is recycled.

Our emotions move like water. In a sacred partnership it is essential to communicate; to listen to one another and express our feelings and emotions – Communication with Spirit otherwise known as the power of ‘prayer’ cycles in the same natural way. We must listen to what comes back and how consciousness organizes around our prayers. We must listen for signs and believe in the power of what wants to be born. Reciprocity is not just about forgiveness but also involves a reciprocal relationship of seeing each other’s highest self without our old stories and trauma. This work of clarity and respect in relationship requires an underlying commitment to allow for our humans lives to transform, for our personal expectations and ego to dissolve through self love, personal practice and a deep intimacy with life’s secret ways. We must express what our needs are to each other so that we can meet and have these needs met.
Love is the most misunderstood word in the human language. It is incredibly helpful to understand what our own definition of love is and to communicate this with those we love in order for our needs to be met.

Grandmother Kaariina taught me 2 very powerful tools for relationship, group processing and community. (In my experience with many intentional communities and sacred partnerships that ended these 2 components or tools for communication were missing);
1. The way of council – a circular form of passing the spoken word for all participants to listen, express and be heard.
2. Non Violent Communication – To express and receive communication empathically using the four-part Nonviolent Communication process developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

The greatest gifts I have been given in this life I have received from Spirit including a beloved garden of Eden. The best teachers have reminded me that we are just channels for Spirit to reveal it self more fully and clearly, in all of the wild or calm ways in which it wants to express. The greatest things we can do for each other aside from seeing and loving each others gifts and bringing them into the world together is helping each other peal away that which is covering up what has always been here. The ancient wisdom of the ancestors lives in our bones and the power of the sun in our hearts.

May we all be seen and met fully, may we forgive our selves and let go of our disappointments and our only expectations will be the power of our prayers to manifest heaven on earth for a complete and whole human family, for many generations to come and for all of those who have walked before us.

It is a wonderful pleasure to share in celebration and to be in sweet relation with all of my relations at this time of great transformation and awakening.

Deep Gratitude to all Sacred Partners – May we enjoy our relationships and may our sacred marriage be the fullness of being on earth, of loving each other as our spiritual selves having a human experience. Let our sex be a spiritual practice of our connection with the divine. May we do our own yoga, not someone else’s yoga and may we live our own dream. We came here to manifest it together but let there be spaces in our togetherness.

The relationship we all share with Creator is where it all begins and continues. And when we are all in Sacred Partnership with the earth and all elements that sustain this life we will manifest heaven on earth once again for all sentient beings.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin
To All My Relations*

Robin Clements
St.Teacher Trainer of Conscious Connected Breathing
Founder of BreathWave

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