Breath Facilitation

Writing to share this overflowing gratitude that fills my heart after an incredible weekend retreat of breathing. Personal details are always kept in confidence by those that gifted their presence and power to them selves and the group but the inner teachings of conscious connected breathing are Universal and we all continue to learn, grown and evolve from each others shared experience.

Each individual has been given a specific pattern of breathing through the nature of our life experience and although we can relate to the experience of others, the gifts and healing of an open and balanced breath are very personal. We can only drink water for our selves and with that said all of the the different practices of Conscious Connected Breathing are self-healing by nature because personally we are the ones who must show up for our selves and we are the ones personally who are breathing.
One of the specific differences in the way I have been taught to guide others in relation to some Conscious Breathing schools that are being taught at this time is how we can facilitate the opening and attention to different patterns of resistance and blocks in the breath by means of one on one coaching and hands on facilitation. After spending years bringing the breath to many different festivals and attending other group sessions shared by different teachers I am still mind blown at how little knowledge some teachers have in regards to opening restricted breathing patterns. Some groups of teachers who are guiding very powerful healing sessions with large numbers of participants with very good intention, prayer and invocation (or not) are completely missing the importance of observing and helping their breathing participants to balance and relax the different limited patterns that show up . Our breath is a direct reflection of not only our state of being but also a reflection of our unconscious relationship with life.
One very common pattern we see as trained breath facilitators is how people control the exhale or unconsciously contract certain muscles in the respiratory system which reflects how we control circumstances we encounter as well as other people and the inability to relax, trust and accept any situation as it unfolds in the moment. As we help someone bring their attention to how they exhale and remind them to surrender, relax and let go, the breath begins to create a relaxation response in the central nervous system and tells the mind and body that we are safe and we can relax. Sometimes we have to physically palpate the muscles that are contracting to help in this process. As a result the muscular system relaxes and the experience of breathing is much more safe and comfortable. On the contrary if a breather continues to contract certain muscles unconsciously and control the breath while expanding their capacity for more energy, the physical experience can get very uncomfortable as it creates more tension as well as imbalance in the toxicity and ph of the blood flow. This is just one of the many different patterns of natural resistance that we learn to liberate by balancing and opening the rhythm of our breathing.
Another very common importance that is essential to learn if we want the full benefits of a conscious breathing practice is to feel into and open where in the body the breath is moving. 90% of us have a certain area of the breath that is shut down because of a certain trauma or emotion that was suppressed at some point. The deepest unconscious patterns that can actually open and be healed very effectively in just a few sessions potentially are those emotions, stories or traumas from a very young age. One of these limited breathing patterns is simply not wanting to be here and therefore not allowing the breath to move all way down into the lower belly. With diaphragmatic breathing as we receive the inhale into a relaxed belly, the energy of the life force that moves with the breath will fill the body from the bottom up like water filling a glass. Yet for some of us we have been so disconnected with our bodies that we have to re-train the breath to move into the lower centres of stability (the root), creativity and passion (the sexual centre) and our own personal will power ( the solar plexus ). Connecting the breath without a pause and continuing to keep the whole body relaxed as we exhale will clear many different symptoms and unconscious beliefs and stories from the ocean of the belly. There can be waves of emotion that come and go but this is just the weather. Eventually there is a beautiful opening of all areas as the whole system literally activates and purifies physically, emotionally and energetically. As we clear the body of obstructions and toxins we become more and more free, awake and aware that we are spirit in human form. A higher power of intelligence begins to move through us and the experience becomes more about the realizations, messages and guidance.
The point here being that unless we are taught how we are restricting our breathing and unless we practice opening and balancing the breath we will continue to create the same relationships and the same circumstances in our lives and the same symptoms in our bodies. Breathing teaches us to learn from these messages and to heal them with acceptance and understanding of our self and our reflections.
Powerful Healing and positive change can occur very quickly with conscious connected breathing. In fact a psychiatrist in California learned from my teacher in the early 90’s and stated in her book ‘Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly’ that one session of breathing can be equal to one year of psychotherapy.
This blog was inspired by a wonderful group of participants this last weekend who were so very honest and courageous with them selves to experience intimacy with their own reality that after just a few days, they now have remembered a gift they have always had and always will have. From what i continue to see and experience through my self and others, i am positive that there is nothing more valuable than an open and balanced breath practice.
This practice is simple but it must be guided with clear understanding and a humble confidence and respect for the power that moves.
Thank you Spirit for this gift.