Breath is medicine

‘Breathing is medicine and my body likes to breathe’

So easily overlooked is the effective medicine of our own breathing. So simple that it is easy to forget. There are many different ways of breathing, most breath patterns are unconscious, limited and controlled. Being consciously involved in our breath in any way is highly beneficial for the mental, emotional and physical body.
On a physical level conscious breathing improves the circulation of vital oxygen, therfore is the most effective remedy for any cardiovascular symptoms such as high or low blood pressure, hypertension, arythmia etc. Full respiratory breathing also improves digestion, eliminates toxins, massages internal organs and balances hormonal secretion through every area of the endocrine system, therefore nourishing each and every organ and emotional centre with the feel good chemistry of health and radiance.
The body just simply likes to breathe. The key is to learn how to breathe from a reputable source. There is a difference between thinking about breathing and really being involved in your breath. To breathe in a balanced way and to notice where you might be controlling, resisting or forcing in the body can literally change your life. Choosing to surrender creates un an inner freedom that allows for physical and psychological disorders to improve and often dissappear all together. Patterns of control and hard work can have an adverse effect that is not optimal for many reasons. Tension in our breathing restricts overall blood flow and limits our ability to relax. The ability to relax may be the most important quality for health, wellbeing and overall balance. When the body relaxes all acupuncture energy channels are free and any pathological patterns are reversed resulting in radiant health, more energy and positive emotions.
You may realize that it is natural to bring things to this present moment that don’t belong to you. Ideas of self worth, labels and judgements. One of the major benefits of Conscious Breathing is reprogramming the subconscious mind, recycling the worn out old tapes of conditioned ideas and beliefs.
Now that we know that our thoughts literally create our biology we know that we are recreating our life and our health as we chose. Having a regular practice of Conscious Breathing is a very powerful gift.
‘Breathing is medicine and my body likes to breathe’