Fighting my Fears is an Old Story that Ends with Me

Fighting my Fears is an Old Story that Ends with Me

Generations of war breads men taught to fight over what we cannot own. Our ancestors lived through horrific tough times. As men we have had to be strong and tough as fearless warriors in order to survive and save lives.
Today we live in the same world at a very different time. Even though we have been programmed with fear to support greedy politicians what is really being asked of us is peace. In order for there to be peace between nations we first must establish peace in our own hearts. For men today this takes some serious inner work that may wisely include some tools for anger and stress management. In cities all over the world men are getting together in circle again to support one another in these hard times. Financial pressure for the family provider and simple self esteem issues can ruin a man. The system has us in a strangle hold and we are not being taught how to break free. Most men instead of doing what we love, are over worked in survival mode. The grand corporate trick is that we are separate from the all abundant, all providing source of the Universe.
War on the other hand is a result of the sickness of greed. We are still at War if we continue to perpetuate suffering for our selves by fighting what we have been taught to believe is against us. The truth is that there is no ‘us and them’. The greatest battle is with our own inner demons. We only get stuck when the ego wants to win.

It is time to throw in the towel and surrender to love.

The old stories are just good teachings. Now we are co-creating something new.  The wiser we become the more gentle we are and a true wise soul is loving and forgiving of oneself, of his own ancestors, his own parents and his own neighbors and perceived enemies. All forgiveness is self forgiveness. Once we really sit with our own personal shadows and fully accept them as the perfect medicine for our personal and collective growth and evolution we realize that there is nothing to defend but our ego. Continue to surrender and allow your self to grieve the past. Baggage becomes much lighter.
Inner strength to transcend the dark nights is the character of a true warrior.
If we ever need to defend our selves in a very real life threatening situation when we must stand our ground and protect our family we know how. Both men and women are wired and equipped with powerful defense mechanisms as important tools for our survival. When this chemistry of defense doesn’t turn off is when  the body and our lives continue to deteriorate.
In our day to day lives we can make more conscious decisions and live as a solutionary.

A very healthy decision today is to realize what you want to live for instead of what you will die for. What you will die for you are afraid to lose. Everything we are afraid to lose is passing.
Life is sacred. When i Honor it I am in love with it.
I surrender my pride and allow the Universe to power through me.
Thank you Creator. Make me an instrument of thy peace.

Robin Clements
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