Gentle Metamorphis

Spiritual fantasy and personal drama seams to be promoted still these days. People are encouraged to embellish what they believe to be true. Are you looking for the next heightened state of awareness or just really living and enjoying what you love?
I realize that some BreathWork circles for examples are a place for people to get emotional and dramatic and I see some people showing up to fight the patterns of mental confusion.
BreathWave has evolved from traditional re-birthing from what at one time or even maybe still today can be a cathartic release of heaviness to rather be a simple way of circulating the breath to slow down and nourish our selves.
What if we were to unlearn the old programs of working hard and gaining more? Would our lives be more peaceful, simple and joyful?
Caught up in a society that teaches us we need to strive to get ahead we find that a beneficial spiritual practice can just be a gentle way to relax, Centre our selves and unwind.
Trying to quiet the mind is like telling a dog not to love.
I find a little exercise, a short relaxed breathing practice and a brief time sitting in silence allows me to be at peace with the way things as are. With an attitude of gratitude I can allow for what wants to be born through me to come alive and life becomes divine play.
Don’t work so hard at changing your self beloved. Your true self has always been here. Surrender.
This is not to say that the spiritual seeker is not willing to transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly. We must be willing to break out of our personal shell to awaken. Freedom doesn’t have to be dramatic, it can be quite graceful to break into flight. When we are humble we stay grounded and allow ourselves to be flown by the one breath that breathes us all.