Gratitude for this Path

Thank you Great Spirit,
For the fulfillment of sharing my purpose.

For the 4 C’s

Emerging out of and in and out again from the wilderness of my own retreat I am able to integrate for myself all that is moving at this time. As my body relaxes more with every breath I am deeply humbled and held by the love and grace that supports us here, seen and unseen. I feel so empowered to bring my highest at this time.

There is wonderful momentum and focused arrows of intent to gather together on the land for The Breath Retreat and Teacher Training very soon. Spirit continues to confirm and support in many ways the present vision of this dream we share of presencing together in council as each others teachers, leaders, partners, friends, allies and family.

This time of solitude, alone time (all one ness) for me has been essential to sit with the feedback from all past offerings and breathe the next steps for the highest expression of service in alignment with the Great Mystery of how things are unfolding and evolving in the moment. We co-create this space for opening and healing together with clear communication, clear agreements of integrity with our highest and commitment to self growth. This container clearly has a beginning foundation of wealthy partnerships based on these council ways we know so well in our hearts; clear agreements, ethics, impeccability and integrity. We give thanks for these teachings that sing in our hearts and brings us home to circle around the fire together once again.

As the curriculum of this training evolves it is very clear that at least 2 levels are necessary for each participants personal process of learning and un-learning. We intrinsically understand the nature of the 5 elements and together in retreat we journey with the simple format of the elemental body from the ground up as a personal and tribal practice for embodiment. Through our enjoyment of guided meditation, chakra vinyasa yoga, dance, song, Breathwave and group council we experience the elements as a guide for personal awakening, each and every person brings the rest. Each participant brings all the perfect medicine to make each and every training differently magic. 
Spirit is asking us to continue to lead in this humble way of listening and channeling the teachings of the moment through presencing with the breath, music as medicine, sound healing, focused intent, prayer and invocation and a deep reverence for the great power of source. With tenderness and detachment we observe what arises as we give life to what wants to move and we set our selves free with our own love and attention. Eventually we may even be able to observe the observer.

Our example is our medicine and therefore the teachings we have gathered must be shared but not to form followers, to create more leaders who listen to their own yearning to empower all people to authentically share the unique medicine bundle that we carry. There are certain protocols that are necessary to honour the laws of the Universe and in this way of awareness following the ancient ones we honour our ancestors. As we continue on the path of learning and un-learning and the more we experience different medicine ways the more we realize that they all lead us to the same place of Oneness with life as it is now. This binding back to source can be taught, shared and experienced in many ways. There is no one way. 

Judith Kravitz would say that I have always been a bit of a rebel, maybe it is this innate resistance to confine to dogma. When I found the Temazcal I was home. When I found the breath I stopped searching for more ways. I will always honour and give thanks to these teachings that have gathered me and the sweet souls that shared the transmission. My belief is that each soul has a gift that is a unique and creative expression of the One, for the One.

There is no feeling more rewarding feeling that i know aside from assisting others in awakening the breath and all of benefits that accompanies this for each person uniquely. the feedback I am getting now is a clear confirmation of the safe space that is being held with appreciation of the insightful wisdom that comes through when it is appropriate. My experience in council is that eventually it is coming through us all equally. I am honoured to have been given a role of leadership as a wayshower. Someone needs to keep things spiralling when the momentum gets stuck, this is the dance of a shaman, humble and wise, alert and skilled. 

What I have learned and how I have grown just from this past year has been an escalator of essential steps. the key to the doorways of awakening has been my dedication to the path. I am now meeting my own needs and patiently waiting for my twin flame of power, presence, maturity, humility and depth in a Divine Goddess. I admit that I am drawn to the queen of any space and that this has been a primordial desire to re-unite with this force of polar balance as our highest experience here. The few women i have chosen to share deep intimacy with have been perfect matches to heal old wounds of unconscious needs unfulfilled. These partnerships have been exactly what we needed to feel and clear old stories and trauma related to sacred partnership and sexuality. The continued love and clear communication is like the sun the way it warms my heart, we have all come along way in just one generation. Misuse of power is over in this world and it is up to us to set this example. A new archetype of a man and women deeply in balance as polar opposites, respect and appreciation of each partners different qualities. We are now deeply in touch with the Universal power that governs all life and more intimately with softness, presence, respect, potency, playfulness, fierce love, surrender and trust. This Universal vision is founded in a solid and simple discipline of daily self love and care and a commitment to grow and evolve. What we experience in another is where we are at with our selves. Each relationship in our lives is an opportunity for presencing and clearing old stories and traumas of how we have related to intimacy in the past. The ego no longer struggles for control with strategies for power and acts of drama. When we are clear our experience becomes a divine celebration of all things beating as one heart.

Practicing is presencing and it is up to each of us. I love to be in the inspiration of the group dynamic and i hear the importance to keep our groups connected through the internet portal so that participants are inspired to keep up with the practice on their own after we move back into our separate lives. 

My message and is how to simplify a daily practice to make it more accessible to mainstream preventative health care. We need teams that stay together! Conscious ethics and principles that make practical sense can be simple…..For All our relations to do no harm makes practical sense; to live according to our highest potentials makes practical and universal sense.
The ethics are clear, the path is simple. The way is humble, the way is here.

During powerful times of change in our lives such as now, it is empowering to contemplate the teachings that our own family have given us. What has you Mother taught you in this life? Your father? Your siblings? Past Lovers?

My Mother has taught me love and more unconditional love! Faith in what is possible and how to surrender to a spiritual solution to problems. She has taught me that women must be given more space to teach us their wisdom and that we are truly nourished by the loving touch and affection of our beloveds.
My Father has taught me that excellence often calls for hard work, that we must compromise what we may want for our selves to serve others and care for the family and that we must slay our own demons and bring our shadow into the light or we could be unhappy until we die.
My brother has taught me sensitivity, compassion, brotherly love (bromance), not to settle for less and that when we are worried about how little things are going to turn out, our fears become reality.

It fills me to overflowing as i feel how the Breathwave is rippling through the fabric of our celestial tapestry. That we are bringing our Grandchildren into an environment of a higher vibration. That we are bringing more and more love without old stories into our gatherings. That our elders are thanking us for answering their prayers. That the young ones are caring for the elders and learning the ancient ways. And we are now living a new time of balance between all people’s that is rippling across the nations.

With our heart beat as a beacon we return home. It is time for us to live together again as community in harmony with the elements in a loving embrace with our Mother Gaia. All of the right people and circumstances are present. This is not a project we can take on alone.

Allow it to become more and more clear what you are dreaming into this collective dream. What am I being asked to bring and what must be left behind in the compost?

Prayers of Gratitude