Love Tuner






In Music, tuning refers to adjusting the pitch of the tone

In human beings, it means adjusting your emotional and physical
state to align yourself with your environment

Literally tuning in and harmonizing with the world around you




Robin Clements is a team rider





My experience so far as team rider has been like sweet icing on a cake I have been eating, baking and having for many years. Who says you can’t eat your cake and have it too?!


Recently I attended a collective ghathering called “The Call of Quetzalcoatl” Vision Council. –“The Call of Quetzalcoatl”, is a nonprofit family event to increase the awareness of our great responsibility to actively restore and protect the environment, the original indigenous cultures, the health of the family and our community. This is a congregation for learning, activating social workers, catalyzing collective and personal growth, that promotes the values and disciplines needed to live a sustainable present.


It was a true honor to be part of such a special gathering with medicine men and women from all 4 curves of the globe. My service was to share daily workshops and self-healing through breathing and sound healing. Many elders from different traditions joined us in these large group sessions and on the 4th day a wonderful medicine man from Peru who traveled with his 2 sons to share their music and healing ceremonies approached me after the experience with the Love Tuner. He asked me if he could take one home and told me that he was positive that the tuner plays the sound of the 5th element! ‘Love’.


At home in Los Cabos, Mexico our wellness community is growing beautifully! The gatherings I have been enjoying the most with the Love Tuners have been in synchrony with a global meditation synchronization called ‘UNIFY’.  To be able to pass around 50+ Love Tuners and have large circles of people of all different ages, shapes and backgrounds come together with this one sound has been absolutely amazing! Often times people arrive with an unconscious agenda, normal daily stress that creates expectations or limited beliefs and always after we tune together with the sound of love there is a shared resonance that needs no explanation. Something happens to the group that brings us together in harmony that dissolves any separation and leaves us in sweet acceptance, sharing hugs, gratitude and warm sentiments of being in the right place with the right people.


I am very excited help make the Love Tuner more available here, to bring the tuners wherever I travel to teach the breath and to continue facilitating any size group tunings.


With my background in Quantum Physics I have been practicing and sharing sound healing for over a decade but the Love Tuners has taken it to another level for me!

Usually when just working with our voice or with musical instrument there is one or a few people who I feel really aren’t engaging with their own ability to create sound. We have all been conditioned to not believe in our own abilities and our own voice is one things most of us are quite shy about sharing. The Love Tuner is so easy to play that anyone can take part and because everyone makes the same sound there is a resonant frequency we all share together all at once! It is marvelous! It is powerful and yet it is gentle, comfortable and enjoyable. I feel we are just walking the tip of the iceberg of how deep we can go and how far we can reach.


Many things we have known forever are confirmed and experience first hand when we play the Love Tuner. “Love is the greatest medicine”, “All we need is Love”, but love can not be defined with words, it must be felt with your HEART! This is the power of the Love Tuner, that in a real and scientific way, the sound brings us back into our heart space. The heart is the center where all things meet, where all things are accepted, and where there is no separation between us and everything we have always dreamed to be true. And because we all have a different definition of what LOVE is, everyone’s experience is a little different.


I also find it sweet that most people (if they are comfortable and feel safe) will close their eyes when they play the Love Tuner without any introduction or suggestion to do so. My feeling is that we close our eyes when we feel love, when we pray, when we dream or when we kiss. Some things just can not be seen with the eyes but need to be felt with the heart.


It is an honor to be part of the team.


Spreading love with one tone, one vibration to one family of  7 billion people!


Robin C.