My Awakening into Service

Feeling inspired to share the story of my personal awakening that really was a turning point and realization of this wonderful path of service sharing this abundant gift of the breath.
Recently teaching a workshop in B.C. Canada a participant asked me ‘what was the turning point for you when you realized that the breath was your gift to share with others’? I gave thanks for this excellent question as it instantly brought me back to a specific experience I had several years ago with my own breath.
At a time of my life when I was being very challenged by circumstances; parting with a lover of 4 years, my cat of 6 years poisoned and died, an ear infection that nearly killed me and my patience being tested through living in Mexico I found myself searching for answers to the end of my suffering.
During a breath training seminar with my teacher Judith Kravitz we were first invited to organize an intention for the week and I remember very clearly writing down a question, ‘why I am really here’? Even though I was studying the breath to learn more ways to help others at that time is was more about developing a career. 3 days into the seminar we were partnering up and facilitating each other and I was partnered with a dear friend Jeff Morrison. Jeff is a big strong man and he was facilitating me beautifully, keeping me activated with a firm presence and offering me powerful affirmations to help me move through any resistance I was feeling and the breath had completely taken me over and was breathing me. About 30 mins into the session I was more high than any other adventure or plant medicine I had ever experienced and i began to feel some heavy emotion begin to rise up and I completely surrendered my self to it. I shifted into a very profound catharsis and integrated a huge piece of my heart trauma from an early age (open heart surgery saved my life when I as 4 years old). After a really good cry supported and held by the Universe through my brother Jeff suddenly I descended into a black void of pure darkness. As the breath continued to breathe me a crack of beautiful light began to open and expand like a door opening. From laying down I slowly sat up in awe of this beautiful light until I was sitting immersed in pure white light. The light began to dim and I found my self sitting in a circle with 8 other light beings sitting with me. I was seeing their energy body which I saw as a body of light (they were sitting with me in council) and as I was able to make a face out of exactly half of them I realized they were my teachers or guides, possibly over the course of many lifetimes. As I brought my hands together at my heart to acknowledge them with tears continuing down both my cheeks, all of them at once sent a breath to my heart and this filled me with much more than I can explain in words. In fact I still can not pretend to try and explain how I felt but in that moment I knew Why I am here. I came here In this life to share the gift of an open breath. In that moment I thanked my guides and my facilitator and a strong prayer came through me as I surrendered my life to be in service to others with this Powerful tool.
What also really amazed me about the experience I had that day was that 2 of the Masters that sat with me then I went onto meet and study with years later!
We can not underestimate the power of our breath my friends.