Our spiritual life is being with what is.

The greatest glory in living
 lies not in never falling, 
but in rising every time we fall. 
- Nelson Mandela

Life is a continual dance between opposites, everything expanding and contracting between 2 polar forces, pulling and spiraling. Day and night, above and below, spirit and body, male and female, exertion and rest.

With yoga and breathing we become one with all forces in the center of this dance.
As with the natural movement of the breath in and out, life will always have it’s up and downs. As we practice being conscious of our breathing we become more conscious of each step along our path. Enjoy just a few mins right now by sitting back or laying down and simply keep your attention on the rising and falling of your breath. By really being with the breath we can become very present to what is, right now.

Have you been able to find balance within all of the inner and outer changes in your world?
Life is constantly challenging us. How we respond to the challenges determines our experience. Yet it seams that life is not slowing down and the demand on us to step up and become what we would love to see in the world is stronger now than ever. The world’s waters of life are being threatened in all corners of the earth. We are still attempting to control the life of others in order to gain for our selves?
How is your emotional balance? How are your relationships? What are your daily thoughts and questions towards your self? Are you really in balance or are there certain things that your body and your heart are shouting out and yet you are still not listening? What is this ignorance that is part of our human nature? It seams that we are continuing to resist and even ignore the changes that we need to make. I call it the long road to the yoga mat.

Everyone has some buttons than need to be pushed and most people still have one button that you don’t want to push at all. I feel this is the button we must push our selves.

The fact is that it is not easy to face what stinks and is uncomfortable.
But it is very clear now that our lives in relationship with all things are challenging us to step up. The earth and our loved ones help us reveal the compost that we are being asked to offer up and turn into the harvest of our own creations.

Thich Nhat Hanh said “With a simple practice we can turn a heap of garbage into compost and the compost into flowers”

If you are getting all sorts of new feelings going on, new strange pains and discomforts even, congratulations! You are on the track of transformation and evolution with the rest of everything else here. It is also very easy these days to stay stuck in a certain way of being through old patterns of thinking, judging and fear. The same habits daily, the same symptoms in the body, having relationships with the same wall that your ego puts up when it is challenged. This is what we have been taught, how to fight against what is challenging us! All of us know there is a happier way. In my experience sharing in all sorts of different groups of spiritual practitioners, we already have what we need, we are not missing anything, there is no where to go to but here and noting else to attain.

There is so much talk about changing our selves or getting better and sure we can improve at certain skills but we must be more kind to our selves and realize that spirituality is just being with what is. Enlightenment is being at peace with what is. This everything that every was, is and ever will be is our life. If God is everything then you must be God. Our spiritual practice is not so much about getting or learning anything more but rather the different ways we know how to liberate our selves by integrating and cleansing that which covers us up, that which we are hiding behind. Our spiritual life is very simply, being with what is.

Now is a very good time to take off what we have been wearing that is not our naked self. As more and more people realize there is no passion in following someone else’s path, unless there is deeply shared passion and intention, we are really cracking our hearts open now and bringing out the good stuff that is always wanted to be shared. So we have all couples and all groups of people around the world finding exactly what and who we need to continue our journey here. Listen to your lovers, listen to the every encounter you have and you will experience how every moment in life has a unique magic that just happens.

Our dance in life is finding the balance between letting things be and making them happen.

They say your heart always knows.
But can you tell the difference between what your heart tells you and what your mind tells you?

One is a feeling
One is a thought

It is guestamated that we have on average 60,000 thoughts per day.

It takes seconds to place your attention on your breath and follow the light of love intelligence into the heart. When you have that thought just notice how you feel and you will know by the feeling nature of that answer at it arises. Our intuition now is stronger than ever and personally we can make it even clearer when we use practices of breathing, yoga, meditation, conscious communication, community and everything that you enjoy that brings your awareness into the now. Many sports help us get in the ‘zone’, forget all other things and engage deeply with this here and now.

I have always enjoyed active and challenging sports. My suggestion these days that works miracles for me, is to just kick back and breathe for a short period of time every most days. I love to throw a little movement in there which is different for every one, I like yoga, Chi Kung and martial arts but as I mentioned any sport can be a spiritual practice for you. Surfing has been my craziest love affair and the Ocean my greatest teacher.

When we really engage, charge, listen, watch and sit back at times with all the things that our life experience brings, there is a level of enjoyment that is more than fulfilling, in fact what over flows is the joy of our love for life. And when the tough times roll in we are strong, humble, confident and poised.

In Love and Breath