Sacred Valley Peru Oct. 8 – 24

BreathWave Level 1 & 2

Conscious Breath Facilitators Training

A vibrational medicine training through your own breath with a focused group of conscious friends nourished at Arkana Spiritual Centre in Urubamba, Sacred Valley, Peru.  

~ $1450 All inclusive per level


These powerful 5 day journeys circulate the true innate power of life and wisdom while cleansing old ideas. We are in an important time to transcend the paradigm we are currently living in. During this Time of Transition we are called to rise up in our own power, our individual purposes for being here and reconnect to our inner guidance, opening our hearts and minds as we are tuning into the new frequencies of this new dawn through the cellular matrix of our bodies.

A complete ceremonial Training to become a professional facilitator of Conscious Connected Breathing. Come for 1 or 2 Levels based on your intent. This breath retreat and teacher training is a 1-2 week offering to our selves deep into a ceremonial practice and evolutionary boost with the innate healing power of your own vibrational medicine. We offer up our highest intentions for all our relations and lift each other up with the powerful and balanced healing art of Conscious Connected Breathing. The only prerequisite for this retreat is to establish a clear intention and fill out the Application form. Level 1 participants in the retreat are not required to stay for Level 2 but are encouraged to stay for an extra day on the land for a smooth integration back onto your path with wilderness activities, massage and down time. Establish the breath as a companion, ally and tool for life.

The intention of Level 1 is to establish a daily conscious breathing practice for next level inner guidance and higher awareness at this time of great awakening and change. These 2, 50 hour intensives of breath training consist of both levels of the Conscious Connected Breathing program to become a certified Breath Facilitator.


Level 1, The Self Healing Path

July 15 – 20,  

 A 5 day Ceremonial Intensive retreat focused on breathing and moving through the 5 main elements in the body and establishing the breath as an effective tool for managing your own life. This Level is essential to the learning process, integration and integrity of this life long tool and potential service to others.

Level 2, The Facilitators Path

July 21 – 26,  

 This 5 day 50 hour intensive training is packed with the tools to facilitate Conscious Connected Breathing. Designed for professionals to learn the necessary tools to support others as a breath coach. We continue to dive deep in ceremony with the opportunity to breathe and facilitate the breath each day. – Daily yoga, group council, song, dance and other integrative tools guide our journey. – Through Breath Translation and coaching skills we learn from the patterns that arise in the breath and how to hold space for what is moving while deeply trusting in the Universal intelligence of the human bodies innate wisdom. We encourage an extra day on the land nourished by the food, the tribe, hands on healing (massage) and down time for smooth integration.


This retreat is for you if:

1.You’re willing to be deeply honest with yourself and looking to go deeper into your soul’s truth.

2.You have done a certain amount of work on yourself already but want to take the next step.

3.Your heartfelt desire is to unlock your soul’s potential, expand your horizon, and connect with your unique purpose and soul evolution.

4.You have a strong passion to go deeper into the exploration of human nature and the mystery of life.

5.You have a sincere desire to connect and work with others. A sense of humor and a heartfelt desire to connect with the playfulness of your inner child is also greatly appreciated.

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