Sadhana – Practice

More and more people today are being called through the stressful circumstances of life to do our inner work. We know scientifically that our relationship with life is a reflection of our inner attitudes and beliefs. The problems in the world are being addressed more and more by individuals through self awareness and self practice.
Sadhana in the tantric path is the process or practice of self illumination. It is very helpful to stay soft and to be gentle with your self when you are doing spiritual work as you allow, accept and embrace the shadow aspects of your self as a victim. Raising your energetic frequency follows a pathway of awareness. When we get tense or too serious about any aspect of life there is a tendency to cling, judge, identify or attach to the shadow. Give your self a break and the result is love through your own self loving.
Through the different layers of self processing it is essential to give relaxing time and space for integration. It is common to have ahah moments or enlightening realizations. Let your self just be and feel the qualities of awareness that relate to what is being transmuted. Notice how you feel, rest and relax and let your self settle into compassion and appreciation.

With a practice like conscious connected breathing the feeling experience can be ecstatic as more energy is rushing through our being. This can be very blissful and also depending on your attitude and what is moving, the feeling experience can even be intense. Relaxation plays an important part role physically, mentally and emotionally because relaxing your breathing keeps the body relaxed as it unconsciously tells your body that you are safe as you are potentially freeing old patterns of heaviness.
As we begin to practice techniques that are new it is a very good idea to be supported by the guidance of a reputable teacher or Facilitator that is trained and experienced.
I can offer you a recorded audio guide that will take you into your own experience but in order to completely open, balance and clear old limited patterns of breathing related to ways of being it is very helpful to have a witness that can help support you in the opening in order to enjoy a comfortable journey of experience.

We must let our selves get a little crazy these says as things can be a little crazy these days. And we also must let our selves slow down and relax to more completely nourish and care for our selves. As we do so we find that our relationships are easier and more balanced, we find more energy and passion to work with as we serve others and as a result the world is becoming more a peaceful and joyful place.

Peace and Blessings
Robin Clements