Self Love, Self Care – A Daily Breathing Practice

In your body as it is even if you are physically disabled you can find the means to cheer your self up and cure any depth of depression and doubt.

Many of us still today are programmed with over stimulation and habitual ways of covering up what we are really feeling. Therefore we find our selves stressed and disconnected. Temporary unconscious pleasure through eating, television, drinking, sex, drugs, smart phones and other addictions leave us emotionally unsatisfied and drained with even less time and energy.

Cheering up is not based on artificial will power or external circumstances. Your own body contains the foundation and means to cultivate basic goodness. It is the closet tool you have to experience real pleasure, joy and fundamental balance. Taking care of and appreciating your body is important but can also be very simple. We are much too hard on our selves about what we should be doing. Sure the food you eat, the liquids you drink, getting proper exercise and quality time with others is all important. You don’t have to jog, do push ups or an hour of yoga every day to have an attitude of caring for your body and your life. Making love to your self can be very simple. Maybe all you need for a little extra self care is some down time for 10mins or a hot bath.

Here is an opportunity for small increments of self love; bring your attention to your breathing for just 5 minutes twice a day. Observe the in breath filling you up and the exhale emptying you out effortlessly without having to do any work, focus on the inhale, keep your exhale relaxed. You can either breathe in and out the mouth or in and out the nose and just let the breath be natural (this can be done sitting or laying down). Your mind will carry you off at times, keep an attitude of self love without judging how you are ‘doing’. Bring your attention back, again and again to the sensations of breath moving up and down, opening and cleansing all energy centers from your base to the top of your head. As you practice this simple breathing daily for just 5-10 mins at least once a day (I suggest twice a day for up to 20 mins) you will gradually find that you are more relaxed, centred and aware as your natural state of being.

This is the most simple, accessible, inexpensive and effective way to care for your self. It is so simple that we forget. Remember. You don’t have to achieve anything, you don’t have to get anywhere else, just simply be with what is. You don’t have to quiet the mind, you will never win that battle. Just bring the gift of your attention to how life force and oxygen fill you up and empty you out. Observe what happens. We could go on about the science and the physical benefits of relaxed breathing but just experience it for your self and notice how you feel. You may just be amazed at the magic that you have always had. I am always happy to answer questions about the simplicity of breath or offer deeper guidance. Below is a guided audio recording you use for support or play your own relaxing music.

Robin Clements, Breath Coach


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