Summer Breath Tour 2013

Summer Breath Tour 2013

A deep dive this summer into the synchronicity of traveling, teaching and sharing.
My heart go’s out to the countless souls who answer the call in their hearts to connect with them selves on a still even deeper level and allow the breath to touch the areas where we need it! When we drop into the breath with our awareness, we come out of the mind. This shift from our thoughts I ti our body has unlimited benefits on all levels.
Source energy is infinitely creative and intelligent and when we tune in and listen Source Energy informs us in our own unique ways as to how life wants us to show up and how we may be getting stuck and in our own way. When we clear our consciousness of old limited beliefs and patterns of resistance to what is, we become clear conduits for life to flow through us and our gifts begin to get polished and refined as our ways of expression shift and evolve. As a result the laws of the Universe offers us more opportunities to share these gifts and a life of healthy relationships, abundance and joy is the result. It is very important to be able to accept the challenges on our path as opportunities to continue to grow and evolve, as everything is not sunshine and roses. Just because we are connected and living from our hearts does not mean we will eliminate life’s challenges.
It can be easy to notice how we react when we are in our heads and how we can resist the ways of the winds of change. When we centre our selves in the breath the wind no longer blows us around, we rather step back and slow our awareness down to the rhythm of a balanced breath. This literally slows the vibrational frequencies of the brain down….we shift from the sympathetic nervous system to the para-sympathetic nervous system (outer reactive to balanced and relaxed) and we listen….. I suggest asking an empowering question such as ‘what is the medicine in this for me?’ or ‘how can I experience more peace in this situation?’ …..then patiently listen for an answer. Often times when I am confused as to what to do, what path to take, or which voice to listen to, I will feel into the space of the heart and ask a question about the situation, person or invitation, ‘is this the best thing for me and my relations?’ and the feeling in my heart will tell me the truth.

Keep breathing friends, connecting with your own practice, your own intuition and your own gifts.

My next retreat after this weekend will be at the end of Aug. in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.
4 days of breathing, relaxing, yoga, Cacao ceremony and playing on the lakes and rivers of the Nahatlatch valley in the Frasier Canyon, 3 hours from Vancouver. Details are posted here as Sandy Pines, Summer Bliss Camp!

Much Love and reflection to all conscious shape shifters at this amazing time!

Robin C.