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Breath Training BC 2016 

“Just recently I completed a Level 1 Breathwave retreat with Robin Clements in the Baja, Mexico – I can’t speak highly enough about it! I have experienced many kinds of breathwork, from Holotropic, to Transformation, to rebirthing and they are all great! But what was so wonderful about this retreat was threefold – He brings in years of yoga practice – the daily morning yoga focusing on an element really enriched the experience. Also being in a retreat setting doing 2 daily breath sessions brought the healing to a whole other level. The third piece, which I believe was the most profound element, was how Robin brings in his years of Native/Indigenous teachings – where we honoured the 4-directions and Father Sky/Mother Earth etc. The beautiful singing and guitar and the Sweatlodge on the last day – well I just can’t say in words the deeply moving experience I had – honouring the elements and the land, by the end we all were connected in a way we will remember fondly for the rest of our lives. I healed so many things and I can’t wait for Level 2 – oh and his assistants were fabulous too! Impeccable, thank you Robin!” Michelle Humen, Sechelt, BC CANADA

“Robin, Your fire burns incredibly warm and bright. Thank you for walking your desire path with such humility and purpose.
I am so honored to be a womb creator, so that activators like you can come and sew their seeds of creation and fellow heart family can rest in the gentle space of the feminine, while the sacred masculine holds them with unwavering presence. I am so grateful for your own self-work, so the divine masculine can show up.”
Salimeh Tabrizi – Sacred Heart House, Vancouver B.C.

The BREATHWAVE course with Robin Clements was the biggest highlight of my 10-month trip through South America. Truly magical moments in The Costa Rican jungle with delicious vegetarian/vegan food, wildlife and animals and a group of very conscious people who helped me to open up my heart again and restore faith in life and the universe! I was able to re/dissolve a few more issues and past-traumas, a real life-transformative experience . We should have taken before-and-after photos, all our faces changed… Please contact Robin, he is holding retreats and courses all over the planet and is an amazing yoga teacher too, he studied with Shiva Rea…
The BREATH is an amazing “drug”, the solution is hiding right under our nose!!!!
And please get in touch with me if you want to experience a breath session (by donation) with me. You will find me 🙂 in the Andalusian mountains in Spain this summer…
<3 this time from Berlin xks Kat Sat sattmannk@hotmail.com 13055943_10156923296885201_693038795801185374_o

“What a wonderful healing and restful 2 hours! My life is spent totally caring for others. This was a gentle but powerful reminder that self care is in my Power! Thank you Robin!
Emma Wheeler, Vernon B.C., Canada

“Having just experienced a life changing breath session with Robin Clements for the first time – I hereby testify that each and every person has to experience this powerful medicine.
With his support and guidance I was able to reconnect with the deepest parts of myself, move old stagnant traumas and energy, and ground into my spirit in ways never before experienced”
Ami Muranetz, Vancouver B.C.

“After a private session of breath work with Robin Clements, the change in my physical and psychic bodies were immediate. I am Energy Practitioner myself, and I was working on a breakthrough from memories which were manifesting physically in dis-ease. On my own, I seemed only able to go so far in resolving this. I came to Robin hoping for help. As soon as Robin enters the room, one feels accepted, loved and completely at ease. As his client, I felt immediately his complete attention and understanding. So we began with the breath and soon, under Robin’s capable guidance, I began to shed the low-vibration energy that had plagued me. He assisted me in moving the energy around the body through voice and breath. The scene was calm, peaceful and productive. Really beautiful!

This session was pivotal on my path. Immediately I found that my life was better — my marriage was better, my work was better, my awareness of my body was better. Robin taught me that the movement, intake and release of breath is the most healing practise we can experience. And I now know this to be true, as I practise his methods regularly!

I am completely and humbly grateful to Robin for his key role in advancing me on my path! With love and blessings.”
Brenda Thompson “Cabo Brenda”

“Hello Robin,
I played your guided breath session for our group here this morning.
Beautiful job brother! We celebrate you!
Love, love, love”

Dan Brule

” Never in my travel in this world I experience the energy, magic and espiritual healing I receive today by you, its a tremendous gift you give me, I shall be allways there, with this magic healing moment in my mind.

Thank you very very much you transform my complete experience in my life.”

Shikitita Bella – Mexico

“I just returned from Santa Barbara after a long weekend of breath with Dan Brule. Was introduced to your Breath Wave Experience … what a blessing you and your work are. Profound, blissful relaxation. With thanks and gratitude for your healing work”.

Julie LeBlanc Trapl

“The space you held was brilliant and your insights and affirmations regarding my stance in life were greatly appreciated and clear.”

Shannon Curry

“Dear Robin…you are a real gift to this community!
I love the work you do, and your energy, and want you to know that you are a integral part of my Wellness Circle of professionals.”

Isabel Gagnon
Professional Health Coach, LE

“My life has changed since attending the Breath retreat. I had been
praying and pleading for joy to return, and it has, although it is a
new and more beautiful joy than before.”

Sarah Cresap

Thanks for your wonderful cds. i have been listening to them a lot,
and i just love them!!–i love what you say, the drumming and
percussion, and instrumental. what is the instrument? is it a kind
of flute? Your cds are such a blessing!!

Jontz Johnson

Hi Robin,

I want to thank you so much for all that you did and added to our surf retreats. You made it so easy for me with the yoga, massage and Breathwave. Everyone loved it all.

Namaste and love,

Robin Nielson

Robin & Lynne
Empowering Wellness Retreats

Dear Robin,

“Thank you for the special medicine you carry, with passion & love.”
Sihayela Kym Stanfield

Dear Robin,
I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful session. It was an honor to meet such an intelligent, sensitive, and present man (that was you, by the way!) and to share time with you.
Hugs, light, and love………

Elaine Holmes

Hi Robin,

I want to thank you for the breath cd you gave me 2 yrs ago. and for the work you are doing. Thank you so much.
I appreciate you recording so much, every part of it. I love your choice of words and offerings. It is just beautiful, and I am loving breathing with it.
peace, Kristen
Kristen Myers

Querido Robin
Te escribo para decirte que has sido un gran maestro en mi vida desde que llegue a Baja, has abierto tu corazon y me has regalado momentos perfectos de amor, paz y mucha transfornacion, eres un faro brillante, una estrella alegre y bailarina
Un buen amigo y es una alegria saber que coincidimos, gracias por las infinitas lecciones por todo ese amor, por tantos momentos de respiracion y crecimiento!!! Esperando seguir creciendo a tu lado con las herramientas que compartes
Con amor profundo

Susana Rassvetaieff sur5155@hotmail.com

I believe, and my experience confirms, that Robin Clements is a gifted healer. After years of struggling with crippling body pain, and paying others thousands of dollars for body work, I was fortunate and blessed to encounter Robin at the San Jose Organic Market. In moments, he was able to release the pain in my right hip I had endured for years! The effects of the initial treatment lasted a few weeks, and I was able to live pain free. With some follow-up sessions, my hip is now functioning well, and I am able to move with ease and walk without a limp and without pain.

In addition, he is an inspired and inspiring breathworker. Both being present at his group sessions and using his CD on my own has accelerated my physical and emotional healing and given me clarity in dealing with my life’s challenges. He has brought joy and delight into my life and I treasure my connection with him. I will remain eternally grateful for the quality of my life that he has enhanced. I consider Robin the most angelic presence that I know on the planet.
Jeanette Grittani – jgrittan1@gmail.com

“I have an infinite fondness and love for Robin. His presence alone is powerful to behold. When he teaches, he transmits ancient wisdom from an experiential place and conveys it in such a way that one can absorb it and make it their own very easily. Through his teachings, I have been able to rapidly accelerate my process towards merging with my own divine essence.” Sam Morris – sammymorris@mac.com

“I have known Robin for about 20 years. I have watched him blossom into a beautiful man with a passion to help and heal others. For as long as I have known him his light has always been bright and now he has been able to focus this light into healing. With a passion and fervor for life in all aspects (especially surfing) I know now, his commitment to serving others is his calling. I have featured him twice on my radio show and both times amazed at the depth of his skill and knowledge in his field. Robins love and laughter is highly expansive, he is a natural at anything he puts his mind to.” May 25, 2011
Tammra Broughton, Radio Show Host, SQR.fm

“Robin is a beautiful friend, teacher and healer. It has been my honor to work with Robin over the past few years and I greatly value him as an incredible asset to our community. I would collaborate with him on any project and recommend him highly. 
Eternally grateful for the divine mirror he is.” September 15, 2009
Peter Domecq, Owner, Raices y Brazos, Ecolucion, Sabor de Amor…

Karla LLorens
Robin has been an inspiration for me to live through Yoga. Grateful for
learning from a gifted healer and teacher with a strong spiritual foundation.
Keep spreading the light. Love, Karla

Rooted in a strong experiential understanding of Yogic traditions, Robin’s heart
felt and innovative approach to wholistic healing and breath work pushes the
evolutionary boundaries of traditional healing modalities. With a deep passion
for living a full and vibrant life, Robin inspires his students/clients to do the
same. He has a true gift of channeling the moment to offer higher states of
health and consciousness.
Ally Bogard
Gaiatri Yoga Teacher Training

Thank you for sharing the Transformation Breathwork in a way that is so easy to access. The live music and your words of wisdom and encouragement gave me the support I was wanting in my personal practice. Heather Sattva Sky sattvasky@gmail.com

Robin is an amazing individual with heart, character and an awesome zest for life. He is a friend to mulitudes and is totally authentic in his expression. I can’t think of a better emissary of Light that i would enjoy walking the path of enlightenment with. Pankaj Sharma http://www.lightofloveunlimited.com

“Por primera vez en mi vida conecte con mis centros de energia, fue un
regalo hermoso y ahora soy mas consciente de los tesoros que se
encuentran en nuestro interior. Conexion total entre mente, cuerpo y
espiritu. Gracias Robin. Nydia”

Recibe un abrazo hermano
Nydia Zarate =)

I heard 2 of your tracks & I was totally transported. Thank you for such a precious gift. I deeply appreciate your generosity.
Tania Kazi tania.kazi@gmail.com