The Shift

This message is a bow to the feminine power that is rising through all men and women today, the earthly wisdom that is truly connected to the world and acting on purpose in response to what is being called for at this time. It is this feminine intelligence within us all that is truly rich and abundant, grounded in love and nourishment .

I bow to all warriors of peace today who are using the gifts we have to keep our awareness clear of attachment to our beliefs. The ones who have surrendered the fight and chose to keep the heart open every day through some form of self practice, prayer, song or dance.

Taking care of our selves can be counter intuitive and this is why….
Our survival instinct tells us to turn away from pain and discomfort. As soon as we perceive stress the heart shuts down as our whole system shifts into defense. If we are in touch with reality at all today it is valid to be disappointed from what we see happening in the world. So it takes courage to feel into the places within our selves that wake up with pain or confusion.
Avoidance and denial is the easy way and yet as we learn to receive challange and massage the body open with breath and movement, ceremony and love making, we realize how blissful it feels to flow like water and how much more positive we are, how we don’t get sick as often or ever and we enjoy our relationships, with everything.

The controlling male dominant force in our world that is embodied by both men and women is portrayed as big and strong, in control and fearless but underneath a hard shell there is insecurity and weakness. So we pretend to be who we are not and put on a fake mask and see if we can get some likes, because we are afraid, lost, angry, sad, separate.
It is time for us to heal all of the wounds that separate us. The fluffy lessons are over, we all know we want peace and what is coming up in the midst of challenge for us is the deepest patterns of experience from our past. This healing is ancestral, it is cellular and it is found in the shadows in each and every one of us. We must learn to receive the new and let go and release our identity, labels and everything we are attached to that wants to purify.

If you are aware of how you are getting angry from what you see going on in the world and you are willing to notice your own resistance and self judgement and you can see how this effects your relationships, you are not just ready for this healing, you are in the swiftness of the river that is taking us back to source. The river is picking up speed, the current is strong and if we keep our heads above water as the Hopis say, we are carried to a new destiny of love and unity. This shift is taking us from scarcity to abundance, from competition to cooperation, from imbalance to harmony.

We are in the thick of a powerful paradigm shift in consciousness. We are waking up from a long collective sleep. Rising up from mass programming to mass awakening to realize our oneness and genius.

It is said that 90% of our self talk is negative.
The truth is that we have been programmed like robots with conditioned beliefs of fear and separateness. The money hungry corporations including our governments are working hard to keep us informed with these beliefs. I thank Trump for revealing the truth and showing us that our softwear is outdated.
When the people lead, the leaders will follow.
We must unlearn to be able to comprehend the infinite.

Even Darwinian based science can prove now that we are all interconnected as a vast matrix of Consciousness, a unified field. The human mind or field of consciousness is known as the noosphere. Just as we have seen through the science of water and how it contains memory,
The noosphere contains the Collective memory of all human experience. Listen. The symptoms in the body is spirit calling us to dissolve the borders within our selves.

I bow to you who are willing. As we heal our selves the butterfly effect occurs and we heal the whole. Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world. Chaos is an invitation. Breathe friends.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said ‘Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.’

‘And those who don’t want to change, let them sleep’ – Rumi

Thank you for your contribution to this awakening. For breathing deep for all generations to come.