Unifier festival in MA

What a life!
It is really an amazing gift to be able to travel these days and share the gift of balanced breathing with so many amazing people. The more I travel the more I realize the importance of turtle speed and self love and care. I give thanks for the wonderful friends who invite me to ground down, rest and nourish while on the road.
We just co-created an amazing festival called Unifier just outside Boston MA. Wow! Deep bow to Jason Cohen who is the visionary and Director/Leader of this festival! It really does take a tribe. I had the pleasure of not only sharing the BreathWave but also constructing and pouring a sweat lodge. The lodge was the largest womb I have ever built with it being about 20ft. in diameter and we had groups of 40-50 people, sweating, singing, cleansing and praying. What wonderful collaborative medicine for the tribe! 13 Thank You’s to Grandmother Kaariina and our elder Jim for their medicine ✨
The Breath workshop was a special pleasure to have 2 pregnant Mommy’s who are both dear friends carrying the little teachers to be of 2 amazing brothers including our amazing Chef Captain Kale and our fearless leader Jason. We had a powerful women named Dona Ho join us with beautiful song, invocations and prayers for the overall healing and self realization that took place. I am so grateful to be able to bring the breath to these gatherings! The whole gathering was a powerful example of the magic we are capable of when we come together as family.
The festival was held on a gorgeous Girl Scout camp property in this Hemlock and line Forest on a lake with cozy cabins and catered with amazing food by Captain Kale, cosmos chocolate with Trithai and a few other vendors. The retail vendors brought a sweet variety of clothes jewelry and it wouldn’t have been the same without DJ – D.Johnson’s custom drums and flutes and his wife’s amazing hand made jewelry.
Nahko Bear rocked an amazing acoustic set to only 500 people stuffed into a lodge sitting around a fire in the centre after he called in the thunder beings and the main stage got rained out. This was a highlight for us all!
Deep thanks to all who attended and I look forward to returning for our continued growth and evolution as a global family at this festival each and every year! Highly recommended to everyone! Especially those living on the east coast.
Music highlights this year were Epia, Nahko Bear, Polish ambassador, Women of the World and many more!