Unify Sept 21, 2013! A Global Meditation for Peace


I was graciously welcomed home from my summer Breath Tour to beautiful Los Cabos, Mexico on Sept.20! What a joy it is to return to this place of paradise. This time I arrived with extra special excitement and anticipation for an event called ‘Unify’ A Global Meditation on Sept. 21, International Peace Day in which more than 550 locations around the world synchronized at the exact same time to collaborate a collective vibration of peace and harmony for the world! It was a glorious day in Baja and we had a glorious turn out of about 70 people!
As people gathered we began to move together in a circle with a few drums and there was a special feeling of global community from the beginning. Knowing that so many others were unifying at the same time, appreciating the group that had shown up, the ocean air, the warmth of the sun and the smiles on everyone’s faces radiating from a feeling on the inside we were sending out.
The gathering continued with the guidance of 4 Shakti Naam Yoga teachers in our community as we moved, breathed and sang together with simple movements and mantras. Children, elders, midlers, a wonderful mix of different strokes, different folks, all moving together with one intention. Awesome!
I had some things I wanted to share but as the group was handed back to me, things were feeling so good, I simply shared what one of my elders taught me this summer, “he said, Robin you have spoken enough, it is time to let the women speak’ and we all applauded the ladies and asked them to continue.
The overall experience was very joyful, playful, light and uplifting and I give thanks to all of those around the world who participated on this day!
We are living in a time of change that is very clearly about honoring the feminine nature within us all. As we do so we are able to listen to what is actually happening here and now. Our mind wants to plan and project into the future, our ego wants to be heard. But if we slow down, let go and listen we are able to allow life move in an effortless way, guided by what wants to emerge from the eye without the ‘I’.

Quite often on our spiritual journey these days we are asked to let go of everything we think we are and everything we think we know about ourself. This time requires our complete Surrender. Many circumstances now give us little choice but to let go. It may feel like we are losing everything ~ but on the other side of this dark tunnel is a more realized version of our Self. The things we cling to are sacrificed for something greater than we could have ever imagined. The Universe will continue shaking things up and teaching us to Trust in the unfoldment of our Divine Self and the Divine perfection in all things. We see that the most realized beings on Earth have the ability to stay simple and joyful and ready to accept the moment without fail ~ knowing that Acceptance and Faith are the keys that unlock the door to the Limitless Love and Power of the Soul.
It is especially empowering for me to experience the feeling when women see men as the divine masculine. This I find is shared when women feel respected as divine Goddesses, highly intelligent, spiritual beings of light. For men this being acknowledged in this way is very empowering, it softens our rigid need to prove our selves or be tough and yet also strengthens the real power we have within us to do and be what we know is best for all our relations.
If we spend any time at all these days in meditation or enjoying any spiritual practice it is inevitable to experience this shift first on the inside.

One of my favorite teachers Adyashanti says “If you want to know something go elsewhere. If you want to un-know everything then sit and listen”

Look up Unify on Facebook to see some amazing photos of some of the different Unify gatherings around the world.

I give thanks to the women and men who are stepping up and sharing their gifts at this time. And to the softening of our reason, to the awakening of true compassion, conscious communities sharing simple real living, natural foods and all the practices that synchronize our lives in harmony with the earth and the natural laws of the Universe.

Stay real, allow your self to feel. And when heavy things come up know that this heaviness is not who you really are but rather old stories and traumas that are integrating as you continue to heal and reveal your Divine Nature as a spiritual being living a human life.

We are so blessed to be here at this time*

Breathe in Love

Move in Peace