Yoga and Breath today

I was drawn to yoga initially because it was clear that I was angry, arrogant and out of balance in my 20’s. I was looking for something greater than short lived pleasures. Today i enjoy a daily practice to take care of myself and keep my vibes high. Without a consistent practice my body and attitude let’s me know.
I believe that everyone alive today intrinsically knows that the powers of the Universe are alive within us. The evolutionary human of the present day finds authentic joy and humility as we peel the old layers of what society tells us we should be. The stronger we get as we deepen our relationship with self through our own body and breath, the more gentle we become.

Speaking to anyone ready to look inward I would say that yoga is an experience of connection with life through anything we do.

The Human body is the most intelligent energy receiving, energy transforming, energy transmitting bio-computer. The body is charged and rejuvenated by the many ways we receive from the resources we have available to us. The body is discharged when we focus our attention outwards weather in the form of physical labor or simply by expending our energy mentally or emotionally on the world around us. We charge and discharge and eventually we short circuit.
Many of us have gotten to be experts at taking care of others and all of the details of our external lives. Our service to others is our livelihood. For most of us it is now obvious, especially as we get older, that the more we take care of our selves, the more we have to share and give to others.
I find that a short time and space dedicated to receiving and replenishing my body gives me much more energy to accomplish the present tasks of daily life. When I do not give back to my self I find that it easy to get drained, stressed and therfore uneasy, impatient and unhealthy.

We all have different ways in which we enjoy receiving. A walk, a surf, a swim, some simple exercise, it is all yoga when done consciously. What works for you to get the body moving and clear your head?
A balanced body is the greatest wealth. To be tuned in and listen to what the body is telling us is a key to maintaining a healthy life. If our days are usually high stress with plenty of movement it may be most effective to establish a more yin based practice like conscious breathing. When we deepen and relax the breath we slow down the speed of the brain and relax the body and in doing so it can take a very short period of time to rejuvenate our energy and return all of our internal actions and functions to their optimal state of balance.
In giving we receive but only when we truly give from a place of abundance without reservation or expectation do we allow for Universal reciprocity.

Life is a joy when I remember that ‘I have much more to give when I take care of myself.’

Robin Clements