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Breathwave Tantra:

The Heart of Intimacy

Earthspring Sanctuary, Victoria, BC


September 10 - 16, 2023, All levels

The Earthspring Retreat Centre is located within a large nature sanctuary in the Highlands, near Victoria, BC.

In this quiet area of forests, streams and open hilltops, guests can find refuge from worldly stresses and opportunities which support the experience of "coming back home to ourselves."

The main sanctuary space serves as a central focus for groups, and the land offers an extensive trail network and outdoor spaces for contemplation and ceremonial gatherings.

Breathwave is honoured to offer the majority of its retreats on this beautiful and sacred land.

Breathwave Tantra: 

The Heart of Intimacy


This is an invitation to approach the here and now as an exploration of sensitivity, sexuality, power and our ability to love deeply. Discover the healing potency of sexual energy to bring awakening, freedom and aliveness to all aspects of life.

Allow Tantra to awaken sexuality as a a portal to deep meditation, devotion and grace. Learn to create a safe container to hold deep intimacy and pleasure for yourself and another so you may relax into the gift of your intimacy with life.


We will be using various techniques of White Tantric practices ranging from dyadic work, movement, dance, sound and breath to engage in deeper intimacy with ourselves and others.  This will not be involving any nudity or explicit demonstrations.


A daily Breathwave Ceremony will serve to integrate and activate all that we stir.

Conscious Connected Breathing is an alchemical union of the male and female aspects within us. 

Breathing is our connection to the source of life. 


BreathWave is a gentle, ceremonial practice of Conscious Connected Breathing. A way to balance our lives, relax our nervous system, activate higher states of awareness and clear subconscious conditioning by cultivating a continuous, balanced rhythm of breathing. 

Laying down comfortably we allow the respiratory system to naturally open and relax without pausing, controlling or forcing the breath.

Our breathing pattern directly effects our emotional, vibrational, neurological and chemical state of being. During this Time of Awakening and Transformation we are being called to reconnect with our own power and return to balance. Each of us knows that we are creation of divine proportion, in this retreat we explore the power of this divinity and clear any old stories of fear or insecurities.


Are you ready for more:

  • Deep insights about the nature of your reality

  • Clear answers to moving forward in relationships and business

  • Experiencing interconnectedness, oneness and unity consciousness

  • Releasing old emotions and memories that have been holding you back

  • Forgiveness of self and others

  • Self love and appreciation of who you are and the blessings in your life

  • Inner peace, calm and trust in your ability to navigate your human experience

·       Sexual integrity, safety, openness and transparency in all your relationships


This all levels Breathwave is open to anyone, including those who have not completed Level 1 – 3 of  The Breathwave Facilitators Training program and shares a willingness to feel more and be free.

Questions: feel free to email us at

Financial Exchange


All in exchange for each level of this training including 3 meals/day is:

  • Private w/ ensuite  $2675

  • Shared Cabin: Queen Loft  $2475, Pull-out Main Floor  $2375

  • Shared  $2325

  • Camping  $2225

We do make this opportunity accessible to all by offering a Payment Plan option.

(Please ask for a Payment Plan application if you need financial support).

We have a limited max of 20 participants. A $500 deposit reserves your place in the circle. This training will fill up.

“Though I am not made of money I realize that any SERIOUS training that gets results requires a financial investment. Often what we give is what we get out of any experience.

Most Breath Training programs today are $3000 – $7000 per level plus accommodations & food.

If you have more, please offer more.

We all pour our whole life into this training!”

Robin Clements

Your Facilitators

Robin Clements b&w.jpg

Robin Clements is a passionate, grounded and humble leader in Breathwork.


He is the Founder of Breathwave, Sr.Teacher Trainer of Breathwave, Founder of Baja Wellness, Doctor of Divinity, surfer and a father.


Robin has received initiations from lineages including, Transformational Breath, Re-birthing, Shiva Rea, Lakota, Anishinaabe, Navajo, Mexica, Huichol, First Nations and several bodywork certifications.His passion is facilitating collective breath ceremony and teaching teachers.


He offers a space grounded in science, held in prayer, insight, compassion and humility with 22 years experience guiding BreathWork and yoga.The offering of this Breath Training is his deepest call and highest service at this time.


He will also be accompanied by special guest teachers and facilitators to assure every participant gets the hands on support and one on one guidance necessary for this training.


Krista Nova is a Tantra Facilitator & Coach, and a Relational Somatic Therapist. 

She is a ritualist, a sensualist and a lover of life. Her background is a tapestry spanning 20 plus years weaving Eastern and Western approaches. 


She has been leading Tantric events of all sorts over the past 13 years including retreats, workshops, rituals and is the co-founder of the Heart of Tantra Festival.


She is dedicated to creating spaces for the realness of our sexuality to emerge from. She brings her tender heart, loving awareness and a deep passion for transformation to the work.

Questions: feel free to email us at

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