This Level 2B training is an online/virtual offering designed to support international Breathwave Facilitators to be applied towards the one-on-one Facilitator's certification.*


(* For certification, two Level 2s must be completed. This could be two 2As, or two 2Bs, or 2A & 2B.)


Our focus will be a deepening of your innerstanding of Breathwave principles, application of techniques and an additional psycho-spiritual counseling component from Patrick Sellin. You are also encouraged to bring your questions from working with clients in your practicum sessions.


This 3 day/week, 3 week, 50-hour intensive training is packed with the tools to bring you home on your path of facilitating Conscious Connected Breathing. It is designed for those who want to clarify the necessary skills to support others as a Breathwave Facilitator with integrity. We continue to dive deep in ceremony with the opportunity to breathe and you will have opportunities to facilitate the breath for other participants in the group via zoom.



Completing this program is in alignment with International Training standards for Certification in the field of Conscious Connected Breathing. It will provide the science, skills and experience to become a professional facilitator of Conscious Connected Breathing.


The collective river of experience is guided by facilitators who have dedicated their lives to the gift and service of breath and professional counseling with clients. Through Breath Translation and coaching skills we learn from the patterns that arise in the breath and how to hold space for what is moving while deeply trusting in the Universal intelligence of the human body’s innate wisdom. Together we will enjoy sharing council and training along with one breath sessions daily, movement, ceremony and rest in your own home without the extra costs of the retreat expenses. 



This 50-hour Level 2B training includes Foundational Breathwork theory,

philosophy and techniques, including experiential education in:

  • the technique and fundamentals of Conscious Connected Breathing

  • related breathing techniques that support and complement Conscious Connected Breathing

  • self inquiry and empowering questions

  • reading the body and breath

  • developing the ability to perceive the imbalances/”story” in the body and breath

  • a wide variety of effective tools used to safely and confidently facilitate others

  • conscious touch

  • affirmations correlating to the story of the body and breath

  • toning, releasing movements, and body repositioning

  • how to recognize and work with common breathing patterns

  • use of intention, invocation, and themes

  • psycho/spiritual counseling

  • sound healing – the power of our own voice and using vibrational healing instruments and music

  • a ceremonial approach to holding of sacred space

  • holding group sessions vs private sessions

  • collaborating with other modalities

  • the importance and helpful keys to self practice


    Additional Developmental Psychology (by Patrick Sellin)


  • Adaptive Neural Networks / Isolated Neural Networks (pathology)

  • The formation of frozen memories (aka PTSD)

  • Ken Wilber’s AQAL wisdom of Integral Psychology and domains of consciousness

  • How Integral Psychology can be utilized by Facilitators for intake questions to scan the mind

  • Post-breathe integration work

  • Voice dialogue skills from Dennis Merzel, promoting the expression and experiential recovery of parts of ourselves (voices) we may have split off from (shadow aspects of self)

  • Fractal of Core Beliefs worksheet to help target and elucidate (bring to light) a breather’s intention as it relates to present moment perception and formative past experiences.





Feb. 22 (Monday) Opening Circle, share and breath

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

4 hours, 11am pst – 3:00pm pst

Feb, 22, 24, 26

March 1, 3, 5

March 8, 10, 12

Sunday March 14

4 hours, 11am pst – 3:00pm pst (each day)


An additional 5 sessions Facilitating online in your own time with other participants in the group as well as 5 sessions receiving breath facilitation online to complete a total of 50 hours for this Training



Your Facilitators


Robin Clements gift and passion is guiding people back to the light of truth in their own heart. With 22 years of experience teaching Breathwork, Robin has refined the technique of conscious connected breathing into a gentle practice for anyone. He is the Founder and Sr. Teacher Trainer of Breathwave, Founder of Baja Wellness, Doctor of Divinity, surfer, husband and a father. Robin has been shaped by many lineages including, Transformational Breath, Re-birthing, Shiva Rea, Lakota, Anishinaabe, Navajo, Mexica, Huichol, First Nations and several bodywork certifications. He offers a space grounded in science, held in prayer, insight and love.



Patrick Sellin is a catalyst for inclusive and empathic environments where persons feel safe being vulnerable and curious about their human experience. Patrick holds degrees in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Bibliology & Theology, and Psychospiritual Development with special emphases in integral psychology, trauma recovery, and Christian mysticism. Over a decade of clinical mental health experience and four years of private psychotherapy practice inform Patrick’s facilitation of conscious breathwork.

In the business sector, Patrick serves as CEO of Trail Brew, an Instant Earthen Beverage company offering functional formulations of beyond organic mushroom, herb, and roasted root powders.  

Patrick loves to compose medicinal poetry and devotional music, explore inner and outer wilderness, and participate in ceremony circles that celebrate our collective spiritual lineages.


Reciprocal Exchange - $1000 usd

(we are open to payment plan over 10 months)

Please reply promptly if you are interested.