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5 second Breath

Breathe deep life affirming breaths today

Dedicate just 3 mins and try this calming, balancing breath...

Breathe either in and out the mouth or in and out of the nose.

Breathe in for 5 seconds

Breathe our for 5 seconds

Breathe in for 5 seconds

Breathe our for 5 seconds

Stay with this for 20 breaths

At 6 breaths per minute this is the ideal heart / brain coherence breath that will slow down your brain wave frequencies and synchronize the rhythms of the heart and brain into one unified rhythm.

If you practice just this Breath, twice a day, for 40 days your life will improve significantly.

You will find a more comfortable willingness to feel your feelings,

You will gradually get better at feeling and as a result you will eventually begin to feel better.

Through exstensive practice of this enjoyable and uplifting discipline we discover that breath is far superior to pharmaceutical drugs and offers real, life resilience, inner strength, body awareness and shimmering vitality.

We must be patient at first as we begin to witness and encounter the things we thought were too big to feel.

With patience and consistency we can have small little break throughs daily.

Any long journey begins with the first step.

A gentle, soothing and balancing practice of breath, begins with the first conscious breath.

Breathe, it changes everything.

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