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Bio Energy

Breathing is the process through which cells convert organic molecules into energy, we call it “respiration”. This process occurs in every cell of every organism and is vital to the regeneration of life.

The energy produced in respiration is stored in special molecules called “adenosine triphosphate”, or ATP. In particular, it is in the bonds that keep the molecule together where the energy is stored.

The mitochondria of each cell in the body converts ATP into energy. We generate about 100 watts of electricity with each breath.

Breathing is the production of atomic energy calculated as electromagnetic frequency.

Scientists estimate the average cell contains 100 trillion atoms.

The number of atoms per cell is about the same as the number of cells in the body.

Breathing therfore is the continuous exchange of elements that activates and maintains our light body. The body is constantly regenerating on a cellular level.

The bio magnetic field of the human body is 55 - 60 feet in diameter. The centre that generates the quality of this field is the heart. Each heart beat sends a wave or energetic pulsation through our bio magnetic field. This pulsation is generated on the in breath and travels up the centre of the spine. On each exhale the pulse is sent upwards out of the crown as a ripple of information that contributes to the tourudial field.

This bio magnetic field of each of us is inter connected to the earths geomagnetic field which is connected not just to every other living organism but to the whole entire Universe.

We are one living, breathing Uni Verse, one song.

Our breath produces energy and connects us all.

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