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Breathing Influence our Lives

How we breathe is how we live

Breath determines how life moves through us and therefore deeply influences how we experience this very moment in every moment

Primarily our breathing pattern is a reflection of our emotional state of being

We have learned that we can consciously open and balance our breathing and become more aware of this fundamental relationship with life

As we improve our awareness of this energetic exchange with our elemental environment we are able to up level the glandular system - the life giving chemistry that improves brain function, blood chemistry, cardiovascular flow, cellular regeneration, lymphatic fluids and neuro plasticity

When we our selves feel good, the feeling of vital health and wellbeing is contagious and therefore naturally improves all of our relationships

Any way that you can spend a little time every day placing your attention on your own breathing is good

Learn what feels best for you and practice it, explore with it, change it up and most importantly learn to relax and make it easier, this will help you self regulate the nervous system into rest and digest

A relaxed exhale will calm the nervous system and turn on your own self harmonizing intelligence

Learn to move the breath all the way through the central channel and expand your lung capacity gradually

The rhythm and balance of your breathing is more important than the capacity

To be able to notice how and where you are restricting or holding the breath is a very powerful inquiry that opens a doorway to correct how you may be controlling life's circumstances

Make it easy to just kick back, turn inward and be aware your breathing and gradually you will feel and notice the countless benefits

What if your breathing could cure common aches and pains, it can.

What if your breathing could help your sleep patterns, and cultivate more energy and vitality to do the things you love, it can.

What if your breathing could help you see each day with new eyes and have a more genuinely positive outlook on life, it can.

Conscious Breathing is a golden key to a happy healthy life








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