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Deep Trust

As we more deeply encounter our selves in life, in the breath, the difficulties begin to strip us free of our persona, our conditions and the ways we attach to what we believe to be true.

Often when we encounter something of bigger content that wants to come to the surface what we are actually encountering is our resistence

The gift is to stay open to the feeling of what it is, without labeling it.

It is not the mind that is going to figure it out.

How much can we stay open?

How transparent can we be?

How much can we really trust our life?

When we really stop controlling or micro managing is when we find grace and maybe revelation.

It is the unknown where the magic is.

To be unmasked is to let go of the known.

The vitality of living free of fixed identity.

Intimately encountering life as it unfolds.

Safe and strong, yet quiet and humble.

The way to trust your self is to sit in the middle of your distrust.

As we really listen with our heart and let go of conditions we find profound trust.

This quality is required in both practice and relationship.

To see through the persona of the beholder

you have to take off your own masks.

Be with the source of wisdom and love

Not just with your definition of love.

The source of all life

is our greatest resource.

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