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Conscious Clearing

Karma is our mind. Not just the memory of past personal experience in this life but also the ancestral and cultural information passed down through generations of programmed minds.

The inherited ideas, beliefs, trauma and fears of human existence.

This information is the source of information of the sub Conscious wiring of the mind. Neurons of electrical pathways send chemical signals that inform the body. If we feel great we send life giving chemicals through the body. As we judge our seives for not being good enough or having enough and we believe in this story we send toxic chemistry throughout the body.What is above is below.

What is manifest each day in this now is a result of our thoughts feeling and emotions.Even though the science of this now is very clear, the concepts alone will not heal us. We must have a practice of undoing.

Self Healing is a path of unwinding, rewiring, letting go and clearing the environment of the body of these old toxins of past conditioning. A practice of observing, feeling and allowing the sensations of energy in the body to move is a very effective way of clearing. The participation of our attention is necessary. Energy flows where attention goes. Surrender is key. Observing without attaching to ideas.

Cognitive therapies such as talk therapy only access a specific area of the brain that is identified with the story, the meaning and the labels of past experience. Talking about our past tends to only recreate the same feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Conscious Connected Breathing accesses the pre-cognitive areas of the brain and therefore can very effectively access and clear the root of the imprints of memory that have been creating inbalance.Until we get to the root of the problems in the mind we are going to keep creating the same symptoms and relationships over and over again.

Life’s circumstances are an opportunity to see where we are getting in the way and how our choices, beliefs and agendas are limiting our ability to authentically enjoy each day fresh, different and new. We must be able to see with new eyes in order to experience a new reality. Can we change the narrative that we are not getting enough from those around us and choose to see how amazing and loving and giving those around us are. What we choose to see and believe always becomes our reality.

Life is asking us to change our ways in order to reverse the downward spiral. Forgive your past, lift your head up, let go of the limiting habits and surrender to the current.It is the natural force of love that keeps us alive.

When you are clear you will know what your activism is that contributes at this time.To be a clear vessel for Life to work through us we must keep noticing where we are getting in the way. This is conscious evolution. When we are tested the ego wants to run away and hide or play games of power dynamics.

Be present to how the old wirinf wants to react and how it feels. Shift into Gratitude. Ask powerful questions as self inquiry such as ‘what is the highest solution?’, ‘how can i experience more peace in this situation?’, ‘what more can i give in this relationship?’, ‘what am in not seeing beyond my self?’, ‘What need must be met here in order for me to be at peace?’

We all know how good it feels to integrate the challenging teachings in our relationships. It is all a divine reflection. If you have mostly been projecting how the “other” needs to change, this conversation is for you to listen to, even when it is not spoken.


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