Feeling without manipulation

I feel it is important at this time to share how I feel when I see people muscleing and working at breathwork. To give you the context of what I am referring to this can be an excessive use of the back muscles, chest and shoulder muscles or it can be more subtle ways that we are not allowing certain areas in the body to relax and integrate, like tension in the jaw or throat or a subtle contraction in the belly on either the inhale or exhale or both. I am not taking away from the powerful potential of activating the bodies bio - chemical systems in order to enhance our abilities. Breathwork can be used to do this very effectively. I want to talk about effective de-programming of our subconscious beliefs. As I present this I am inviting you as the breather to experience what happens when you are being breathed by the highest authority. I want to explain how I see people are getting in their own way when they are working on themselves ambitiously and manipulating the breath. This can be tricky because we can perceivably get results if we are working hard at breathing because we get a lot of energy moving quickly but eventually we find it hard to let go and let God. I have suppprted many strong men by helping them truly let go and finally feel their feelings to experience authentic, lasting healing.

If we have an ambitious nature we can have a tendancy to go into a session expecting to get something out of it. This expectation blocks the presence of God within. There is a paradox here with breathwork because we are not just in meditation which I define as being with what is. In order not to just fall asleep or get carried around by the mind we are engaging with and participating in the breath in order to enhance the effects and benefits. One of my teachers Dan Brule says 'Breathwork is the new meditation.' Here is what I see. There is a masculine way of Breathing that can get too much mvong too fast, there is a feminine way that is more lethargic and doesn't get much moving at all and there is a balanced way of both male and female qualities working together and we experience union and inner magic. To be truly present with our breathing is the ability to utilize our felt perception to be with the ebb and flow and change of our energy traveling through the body without needing to fix, heal, change or transform anything. The bodies innate wisdom is the wisdom of nature. Let go and let God we say. But we don't make it that easy. Some of are so firm in our beliefs that we are hostile and violent with our selves to defend these beliefs. If we actually believe that our thoughts are true we are going to have a really tough time here in this life. Firstly most of our thoughts are not our own, they are programs installed by someone else's ideas of how we should live. And even as we do our own inner work there is a stubborn attachment to our beliefs that can continue to create an inner battle and just simply reinforce our emotional armour. Just as it isn't possible for someone else to integrate our felt experience on our behalf, it is our own conscious attention that is our own felt connection with the intimacy of source. This practice can just be like mental gymnastics that is reinforcing pain and discomfort or we can anchor