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Freedom or Fear

We all want freedom

but are we afraid of true freedom?

Are we afraid to consciously and maturely take the wheel?

Are we afraid of being fully resposible and accountable for our lives, our own health and prosperity?

What are the solutions for today's transformational shift out of a paradigm of competition, survival and control and into a time of equanimity, prosperity, health and freedom?

What are the gifts that you can share?

What are you most afraid of?

I see that it is hard for most people to let go of the convenience of living a glutenous existence.

In sharing transformational healing work for over 20 years I have noticed a consistent human fear.

The fear of accessing what wants to be unleashed.

It is counter intuitive to bio hack the minds conditioned programs and feel into some of the more heavy emotions and stories that are held in the pain body, also known as the emotional energy body.

We are afraid to lose our minds.

We are afraid to lose control. This is natural.

We would rather have our lives governed by someone else and pay them to do so.

Let go

Every drop of water longs to return to the ocean.

Let go of what binds you and you will gradually discover a chill state of being that is not only grounded and calm but unfuckwithable and connected to source.

The very things that may be tying us down because of how they are perceived as extra pressure and external stress can actually be recognized as the blessings that provide us the freedom of a good human life.

Let's move forward into more simple, sustainable ways of living so that we can continue to simply live.

Self empowerment and self healing is essential to a more meaningful and balanced relationship with all life for all beings.

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