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Grown men soften and heal with gentleness

This has nothing to do with weakness

I have seen hard muscular shells melt with the gift of gentleness

Righteousness is rigid, closed and resistant

It takes courage to feel the hurt underneath the anger

I admire the strength of a being that gives them self permission to feel and express emotions

To listen

To show kindness and compassion

To let go

To forgive

To love

True Gentlemen have met their own weaknesses and found strength, maybe weeped, because we weren't given permission to cry when we were squashed or afraid

If your weren't good enough then


You are good enough now

You are beautiful

You are power we can not measure

When we find this true inner strength

There is no guard

We become humble,


The best fighter is not angry



Hollow like a bone

The greatest healers are open channels for life to move its magic

Clear as compassion

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