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Breathwork Science: What is Breathwave?

Why has Breathwork been practiced for 1000’s of years by sages, healers, yogis and shamans and how does it work?

Thoughts, feelings and emotions are the building blocks of our personal and collective reality. Thoughts and feelings, conscious or unconscious create emotions. Our emotions are energy in motion that determine our chemistry, vibrational frequency and experience of this now. The only way we can change our lives is to change our energy. Change our energy and we change the electromagnetic field we are broadcasting.

In other words, to change our state of being, we have to change how we think and how we feel.We have the ability to change how we think and feel by becoming cosnciously aware of how we feel and choosing new thoughts and feelings.The key to releasing and clearing past programming of thoughts and feelings is to be unattached to any personal story related to what we are feeling. This detachment requires a letting go of personal identity which leads us to more openly receiving new feelings, thoughts, energy and information.

A practice of meditation or simply being with what is a very effective way to become more aware of how we feel. A practice of balanced circular breathing is a more active and self empowering way to raise our vibrational frequency with awareness and participation. All energy is frequency and all frequency is information. Higher frequencies of energy naturally lift and clear heavy and dense frequencies of stored information. As a result, Conscious Connected Breathing is a very effective self healing tool for clearing the past and creating a more lighter and joyful state of mind which simultaneously creates a lighter body and a more positive message to our environment.

Higher states of consciousness create a heightened sense of awareness and a more open hearted receptivity of new feelings, thoughts and emotions.This is precisely why more and more people are drawn to medicinal plants and substances that alter our state of consciousness. It is essential to applly the teachings we receive from these power plants into our day to day. It is most common for humans to return to the same habitual patterns of day to day which in turn reactivates past conditioned emotions, familiar chemistry and a limited electromagnetic field of information.

Breathwork has a more grounded and self empowering potential to rewire our brain/mind chemistry on a daily basis. With just a short, gentle conscious breathing practice every day you are activating higher brain centers, relaxing the nervous system and unlearning past conditioning.The key to a balanced breathing pattern is to focus our awareness on the in-breath and relax the out breath, contributing to the flow of life force energy in and out of the body. Connecting ones breathing without a pause connects an electromagnetic circuit of energy. Continuous circular breathing for five minutes to an hour raises the vibrational frequency of our complete electromagnetic field.This science of inner vibrational medicine makes breathwork the most effective and accessible self healing modality known today.

Once you learn how to breathe properly it becomes a free natural resource for more energy, a healthier body and a more calm and present moment awareness of life. It is highly recommended for new breathers to be guided and supported by a trained Facilitator. The initial phase of self healing is generally the most challenging. As we are beginning to clear past feelings, chemistry and emotion it is habitually common to return to a survival based and reactive state of defense and control. What we resist persists. So essentially we must learn to correct our unconscious breathing patterns throughout the duration of the breathing practice in order for true healing to take place. If not we continue to create past experiences without every really living in the present while also creating the same future.

The personal potential of Conscious Connected Breathing is unlimited. Anyone that is still breathing can learn to correct and balance their breathing. It is simple, effective and results are life changing.This is why yogis and shamans have been using breathwork for energy management, healing and collective evolution for thousand of years. This may also be why the teachings of breathing were removed from our educational systems just over 100 years ago when we started to charge people for energy and health care.

Your own energy is free. The energy we use to power or homes and vehicles can also be free once we support and allow the technology to be shared and used. May it be so. My own health is in my own hands so to speak. More accurately stated ‘my own health is determined by how I am thinking, breathing and feeling on any given day. Our breathing not only is a reflection of our state of being, our breathing determines the quality of our state of being.

Breathwave is a gentle approach to Conscious Connected Breathing that brings the breather to a more favourable place to the heal them self and enjoy a life of abundant energy, vital health and enjoyable relationships. Learn to breathe and you learn to rewire your life.

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