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Breathwave Training Essence and Requirements for Certification

Dear Friends in Breath,

Never has it been a more important time to learn how the natural forces of our environment are working together and to see how we can help them.

The essence of this service of breath is to deeply tune in and listen to everything that is happening in the moment.

The global community of breathers, Facilitators and Trainers needs to be more educated in the science and safety of what we are teaching, practicing and holding space for.

We also need more training in holding space and more self healing in order to get out of the way and truly listen beyond our own ideas and agenda.

In this movement at this time some of the more advanced practitioners are seeing how we can improve the standards and requirements for Certification and maintain a clear agreement policy so that all breathers have a safe experience. As a new regulatory body is being born for this purpose and benefit we are all being asked to respond with integrity to the concerns and requests of what needs to be addressed.

This comes at an important time as breathwork is growing and gaining more respect across the planet. I see where we can all help maintain the integrity of this service. For myself particularly in regards to teaching teachers. A commitment to the progressive learning it takes to become a Facilitator and potentially a Trainer holding circles and for those with enough experience potentially a Sr. Trainer teaching seminars and Training other teachers. I see the importance of not moving too fast through this evolutionary path and I honour each breather who dedicates their time, energy, study and heart to this path. The greatest importance is what is happening in our own breathing pattern.

As we look for more acceptance from the medical field and see how we can bring in more clinical standards and regulation I support this and also want to offer here what I feel most important. We must be able to bridge the conceptual science of the biology of breath with the Universal energy of the intelligence of Spirit that is always shifting. How we see, explain and deliver the breathwork influences the outcome of the breather’s experience.

The mind is a powerful tool. We build things with it like any other tool. What we focus on becomes reality. I feel the importance of seeing all parts together in union of body/mind/spirit. To be able to know that the science of breath and the spirit of breath are one thing and not separate. How the respiratory system opens is how energy moves through the body. What I am inviting is that we capture the Western mind and honor Spirit.

We are emerging out of a time of Patriarchal control and we see that Truth, Respect, Love and Union is our destiny. In the process we must all be present with our selves and our families as we are all moving through the heaviest shit we have ever seen or felt. Here is what I really invite us all to see.

In the old day’s shamanism was removed from the science of many healing practices including Chinese medicine. Doctors used to work with Spirit and body holistically. Now, legally they can not. Many well rounded and experienced practitioners of all different life paths, schools and modalities respect both the science of the body and the way Spirit moves. I see the importance right now of not attaching to any ideas of right and wrong but rather being able to feel for our selves what is moving and to know how we can support the process in the moment, weather it is an activation or a discharge or letting go.

Over the years I have learned not be too attached to the intellectual concepts and anatomy of the body. There is a science to breath that captures the western mind but the body knows the science and everything is always shifting and changing. I have learned to be able to hold all parts together in union. What I have been teaching is how to feel as a practice and then as teachers, deliver this union in our inner standing, our explanation and our space holding.

I deeply see that a governing body is important right now to midwife the growth and maintain the integrity of this service for all breathers. We need to hold everyone accountable and educate the average breather on what is safe and what one should steer away from and why it might be unsafe. This is a journey of evolution of the integrity of all medicine work.

Inevitably what we share is where we are at and what we believe is true and meaningful. I see that our own inner standing of this work is always evolving as we are.

I must express a concern of my own that I see; Please see this, if you as a Facilitator are focusing more on the scientific mechanics of breath while you are holding space for someone’s Sprit to come alive into form, we could attach to fear and concern and therefore offer the breather a great disservice as we limit the universal potential while possibly manifesting more fear and suffering for them.

If I am in meditation or on a journey like a sweat lodge or a long hike, my mind will determine my experience. If I am focusing on my own pain and worried if I can make it through, I am going to suffer.

If I am focused on the mechanics and clinical concerns as I hold space for someone that is potentially discharging something very old and heavy, it is more likely that I am broadcasting fear.

Pray for what you know is possible and believe it is true. Please don’t attach to your ideas or educated ignorance.

The true human essence of what is moving is Universal. And the reality of the matter of affairs is always responding to the information of the energy in its environment.

It is time to offer and request more training so that we all do our personal work and return to compassion for our selves and our relations before we are holding space professionally or ambitiously starting to train other teachers before we are ready. Humility and dedication are the golden keys that open the door of readiness and expertise.

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