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The gift of rest and integration.

Savasana might feel like an invitation to nap at the beginning or end of your day or yoga practice. Knowing when to rest is wisdom and Savasana is actually a fully conscious pose aimed at being awake, yet completely relaxed.

In Savasana - also known as corpse pose - you lie down on your back and relax your body so you can integrate life .

Laying down the body in this way, close your eyes and place your attention on a natural rhythm of breathing.

This posture reminds the nervous system to relax and gives the body an opportunity to assimilate whatever has been moving or stagnant.

Practice paying attention to fluid, full breaths and let the bodies intelligence eliminate tension from the body.

Ideally, this posture lasts for 10 to 20 minutes. However, even a few minutes of Savasana can have powerful benefits.

Just a short time in Savasana can help relieve mild depression, high blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, and insomnia as well as improve digestion, elimination of toxins and an endless lost of relief of bodily symptoms.

There is actually nothing that I have found that Savasana doesn't help. Savasana calms the nervous system and promotes balance in your entire body. Fatigued muscles get to relax, tense shoulders and jaws soften, and the eyes quiet down to reflect a more quiet state of mind.

Breathwave is a more gentle form of conscious breathing that utilizes this ancient posture of Savasana as an invitation to simplify life and be at peace with what is while engaging with the breath as an energetic self massage.

We encourage wakeful participation without manipulation - this means that instead of muscling the practical or ambitiously forcing the breath to live into all areas we consciously contribute to our breathing and eventually find a full respiratory wave with an active inhale and a relaxed exhale.

The golden key is to keep the body relaxed and to notice and correct any forcing or controlling.

This is a balance of the male and female aspects of the self in Union.

To experience your breath with some guidance;

Go to Unity Breath on #SoundCloud

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