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The Gift of Attention

The nature of the mind is illusory

Where we focus is where our attention goes

When we are performing simple acts such as urinating, walking or chopping wood

our breath is compromised,

we may hold it in some way and it becomes shallow and unconsciously controlled

Try following the breath in

Notice how the in breath charges the body with fresh energy

And the out breath is more of a discharge and letting go, cleansing and clearing

In both the in breath and the out breath

We can us our senses to direct life-force energy through the areas we offer our attention to

Notice when you have a pee

Are you holding your breath

See if you can move your breath to assist the bladder

Chopping wood

Breath in as you bring up the axe

Utilize the energy of the exhale to execute a powerful delivery

This can be very invigorating and satisfying

This awareness has been used for generations as a powerful healing modality

With hands on touch you can breathe up from the earth

And charge the body upwards and follow the pathway with the sensations

On the exhale breathe the energy out your hands and offer it to a specific area of the body

When we unify the mind with the Breath we are moving magic

This experience can be very healing and nourishing in many ways

Play with it

When you are actively moving and channeling breath

The best rhythm is 5 seconds in, 5 seconds out

Or you can relax the nervous system mkre by lengthening the out breath

But we careful of too much muscular contraction or control

Let the breath be a natural rising and filling, falling and emptying

Let me know what your experience was like

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