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The Gift of Breath as Ritual

Creator gave me the greatest gift

It came in the way of a teaching, a practice.

It belongs to no one but gives life to us all

It has shown me that we are all a part of something so vast and eternal, no labels or doctrines can explain, this great mystery

The Breath is the thread of light that weaves the tapestry of our existence

During this tumultuous time of healing and purging the old, the breath can be like a life raft with a rudder in the storm

If you drop your Rutter deep

You will find stability in your root

As the breath rises it nourishes the body upwards with our own self loving, receptivity that awakens creativity and worthiness, sensuality and flow (sacral)

In the power centre is where we seam to mostly integrate fear as we get more comfortable with the power of life and self

When the breath moves from the root to the heart all of our circuits begin to fire and we discover the medicine of forgiveness, love and letting go into Oneness

In the throat lives the unique expression of our voice and clear communication

The third eye is our 6th sense of intuition and seeing what the eyes cannot see

And when the crown is open we access Universal wisdom and higher intelligence

The journey of breath can be a ritual routine, practice or good habit that reveals a direct path of feeling and healing

As we commit to feeling without manipulating, fresh new waves of life begin to flood and cleanse any blockages of held life stories, unwanted toxins and ideas of self

The immediate benefits can include;

more available energy,

nervous system regulation,

improved circulation,

lymphatic cleansing,

balanced Hear Rate Variability,

emotional integration,

mental clarity,

direct messages from ancestors or guides, strengthened immunity to bullshit and most importantly a big fat inner smile

And once you learn how to correct your unconscious breathing pattern

Your own medicine is free and effective

Kick back, wind down and ride the wave

I searched for many years to find it right under our nose

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