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Breathing fully allows us to fully live.


‘ BreathWave’ is a gentle and effective self-healing practice focusing on our own breath, flowing as an open, relaxed and continuous wave.

Conscious Breathing is Integrative Medicine.

This full respiratory breathing technique serves to:

  • enhance the flow of organized life intelligence throughout the body/mind

  • slow down brain wave patterns

  • regulate the nervous system

  • clear subconscious information of the past from the mind/body

  • cultivate a high vibrational frequency and higher states of consciousness

  • maintain vibrant health, mental clarity and coherence between the brain and the heart


The Self Healing Path

Level 1

A five day retreat deep dive for personal healing.


This is a prerequisite to embark on the Facilitator's Path.

The Facilitator's Path

Level 2 (twice)

Learn the foundation for facilitating one-on-one Breathwave sessions.

The Ceremonial Path

Level 3

Deepen your practice, and develop skills and learning to hold  Breathwave circles.

Introduction to BreathWave by founder Robin Clements



Breathing is our connection to the source of life. 

Our breathing pattern directly effects our emotional, vibrational, neuroligical and chemical state of being. During this Time of Awakening and Transformation we are being called to reconnect with our own power and return to balance. Each of us is a creation of divine proportion. We must care for the body now in order to process old programs and upgrade our DNA, our genetics, our chemistry and our potential.

The Breath is a golden key that directly accesses the mother board of our bio-computer. A practical application of slowing down and nourishing our selves in order to return to peace and replenish our capacity to thrive may just be the most effective thing to learn and practice today.

The Breath Wave…

The BreathWave is a fundamental self-healing practice that utilizes an open, fluid and relaxed breath, to cultivate vital balance and higher states of consciousness. While this practice is easy to learn and more gentle than most breathwork teachings today, it also has the power to uncover the bodies natural wisdom. By clearing the subconscious mind of old programs and relaxing our Nervous System, this is a direct path to a healthy, balanced life.

Dedicating a short time to our selves daily for circular breathing can very effectively slow us down, transform our health, clear our busy minds and allow our full potential to express it self more freely.


​Physical, Mental -Emotional and Spiritual

  • Vagul tone parasympathetic nerve regulation,

  • Upgrades hormanol function,

  • Boosts the immune system,

  • cleanses the lympahtic system,

  • massages the internal organs,

  • expands lung capacity,

  • strenghtens cardio-vascular flow, balances blood pressure and purifies the blood,

  • brings more vital oxygen through the body promoting cellular regeneration,

  • Healing and harmozing the bodies, organs, actions and functions,

  • integrates old limiting emotional programs and trauma,

  • Forgiveness of self and others.

  • Deep insights about the nature of your reality.

  • Clear answers to the deepest burning questions and longing in your heart.

  • Releasing old emotions and memories that have been holding you back.

  • Self love and appreciation of who you are and the blessings in your life.

  • Inner peace, calm and trust in your ability to navigate your human experience.

  • Experiencing interconnectedness, oneness and unity consciousness.

  • Connecting with the spirit world, including loved ones, ancestors and guides



Start where you are at, visualize what you are capable of, set your arrows high and surrender. Be gentle and patient with your self as you empower your self to return to wholeness. Gradually you will set your self free from old stories and you will find it easy to cultivate higher states of awareness and vibrant health.


Initially the Breathwave practice is about learning to slow down, connect, soften and regulate your nervous system.

Once you have learned to correct your unconscious breathing pattern you can learn to meet your unconscious programs with courage, acceptance, surrender and forgiveness.

The more consistently we practice, the more presence and aliveness we enjoy through out our daily lives.


Your potential to reorganize and harmonize the body and your affairs is limitless.

Our breathing is a direct reflection of our relationship with life. Because breathing is generally limited and unconscious.the average person only accesses 20 - 30% of their breathing capacity. 


Conscious awareness of our breathing is one of the golden keys to self-healing, personal growth, balanced relationships, maintaining vital health and world peace.

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