The diaphragm which is 70% of the respiratory system will contract and relax naturally on its own without the use of any other muscles, this in turn activates and cleanses the gladular system, balancing our hormones and upgrading our genes.

A balanced breath strengthens the immune system, improves circulation, purifies our blood bringing rich vital oxygen to each cell in the body, balances the nervous system, strengthens the immune system and the endrocine system, pumping all life giving, feel good hormones to everywhere we need it.


As we continue to connect the in and out breath in this way, the flow of prana literally raises the vibrational frequency of our whole electromagnetic field potentially clearing low vibrational thought patterns and the memory of emotional trauma from the subconscious mind. This experience opens higher states of awareness activating full brain potential.


Most of the toxicity in the body is old information of self-limiting thoughts, stored memories and ideas about life that we learned from our ancestral lineage and society. Connected Breathing has been experienced as the most effective way to clear these subconscious patterns.


The inhale of the breath is our ability to receive and recharge, like opening a water faucet to the source energy that governs all life, inviting vitality, nutrients and intelligence into every cell in the body. The exhale is not only our ability to relax and let go and discharge, but we also remove more toxins from the body with our breathing than with any other biological function. Connected breathing incredibly enhances our ability to eliminate the accumulative, physical, chemical and emotional stress of our time.

The Law of Entrainment


All vibrational healing is based on the scientific law of entrainment;

The Universal Law of Entrainment simply states that when two energies come together which are vibrating at different rates, the lower frequency will permanently increase its rate of vibration to match or closely resemble the higher frequency.

Illness is a manifestation of disharmony within the body, an energetic imbalance within any given organ such as the heart or lungs. By cultivating the prana flow of breath, harmony is restored to a normal vibratory frequency through ‘Entrainment’.

Just as the basis of sound healing or the resonant science of homeopathy, this breathing gently transforms blocked patterns of energy into higher vibrations of joy and vitality on all levels. When we integrate the thought patterns that separates us from our true selves we have a clear open vehicle for the Universe(One Song) to express itself through us.

Openly breathing, feeling and participating in life allows this journey to be rich with meaning and purpose. The future of medicine is vibrational; in fact all healing takes place first as a vibrational shift and then we experience the results on the physical level.

As we raise our vibrational intelligence it is very common to receive clear messages and guidance while consciously breathing. This is the result of activating the frontal brain which is our intuitive, receptive nature and a heightened state of awareness.

Exploring the Transpersonal domain we breathe for 45mins to 1 hour through 3 phases - Activation, Integration and Relaxation. When we open into an awareness beyond self we become unity consciousness and this is when miracles happen.


Just 15 – 20 minutes a day of allowing your breath to open and circulate freely cleanses and vitalizes the body with enough life force intelligence to neurologically and chemically reverse the physical effects of aging.


Create a life of daily miracles and higher expression. It is free.

Simply allow your self to fully receive your breath into a relaxed belly, breathe in and out through an open mouth and let the exhale relax and fall like an ocean wave. Connect the breath in this way from your root to the top of your heart without holding or pausing the rhythm… just simply receiving and relaxing… eventually the whole respiratory system will open and relax naturally… be with the sensations in the body and let ideas and thoughts come and go. Very quickly we become the Universe.

Each time we breathe in this way weather for a few mins or a full session of an hour or more, the experience is different, energy goes where it needs to and different layers of recycled memory is cleared. Gradually the whole body can re-organize as you cultivate more energy, presence, insight and balanced health.

“YOU are your own greatest healer and teacher”

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