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Upcoming Retreats & Trainings


Breathwave is offered internationally by hundreds of trained Facilitators. Leader and Founder,  Robin Clements along with a few other Breathwave leaders teach the six day deep dive, transformative retreats and trainings. Each training is also supported by two to four Co-Facilitators.


There are three levels of Trainings offered throughout the year:

Level 1 - The Self Healing Path offers the opportunity for deeply transformative healing. It is a prerequisite for Levels 2a, 2b and 3.

Level 2 (twice) - The Facilitator's Path lays the foundation for one-on-one facilitation.

Level 3 - The Ceremonial Path offers the opportunity to deepen in practice and learn how to hold space for Breathwave group circles.


Become part of a growing community of facilitators worldwide who are sharing this beautiful and transformative medicine.

In-Person & Online Offerings

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