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Upcoming Level 1 & 2

Retreats for 2023

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August 2023:

Level 1: August 17 -23, Saltspring Island, BC

Level 2: August 24 - 30, Saltspring Island, BC

September 2023:

Tantra: September 10-16, Victoria, BC

with Krista Nova

Level 3: September 16-22, Victoria, BC

November 2023:

Level 1: November 12 -18, Victoria, BC

Level 2: November 18-24, Victoria, BC



Level 1 & 2: January 10 - 22, Todos Santos, Mexico

Level 1 & 2: May 12 - 24, Earth Spring, Victoria, BC

Level 1 & 2: July 11 - 23, Earth Spring, Victoria BC

Level 1 & 2 August: Dates TBA, Saltspring Island, BC

Tantra & Level 3: September 8 - 20, Earth Spring, Victoria BC

Level 1 & 2: November 10 -22, Earth Spring, Victoria, BC

Each level consists of five days in ceremony, preceded by a welcome dinner the arrival date and a closing breakfast the last morning.

Please scroll down further for details on accommodations and pricing.

Accommodations & Financial Exchange

The following pricing includes your accommodations, food and retreat facilitation. Bedding is provided. 

Victoria, BC

Cost is per level.​

  • $2675 – Private Room, Queen bed, Ensuite bathroom

  • $2475 – Private Cabin, Queen bed, Composting toilet

  • $2575 – Shared Cabin "Gold": Queen Loft, Composting toilet

  • $2525 – Shared Cabin "Gold": Futon, Composting toilet

  • $2475 – Shared Cabin "Silver": Queen Loft, Composting toilet, Wood stove 

  • $2425 – Shared Cabin "Silver": Futon, Composting toilet, Wood stove

  • $2375 – Shared Cabin "Bronze": Queen Loft, outhouse, wood stove, no electricity

  • $2325 – Shared Cabin "Bronze": Futon, outhouse, wood stove, no electricity

  • $2325 Shared Room, Single bed, Ensuite bathroom

  • $2225 – Camping

Salt Spring Island, BC

Cost is per level.​

  • $2415 – Private Room, Double bed

  • $2400 – Shared Room, Queen bed

  • $2375 – Shared Room, Single bed

  • $2175 – Camping

  • $2235 – Camping, Tent & bed provided


We make this opportunity accessible to all by offering a Payment Plan option. (Please ask for a Payment Plan application if you need financial support).

A $500 deposit per level reserves your place in the circle. This training will fill up.

“Fair exchange is Universal Law. Any SERIOUS training that gets results requires a financial investment. Often what we give is what we get out of any experience.

Most Breath Training programs today are $3000 – $7000 per level plus accommodations & food.


We do our best to keep this Training accesable for all.
If you have more, please offer more. We all pour our whole life into this training!”

~ Robin Clements

                                                  Location and Travel Planning


These retreats will be hosted at Earthspring Sanctuary Retreat Centre.

If you are travelling by plane, please plan to arrive into/depart from the Victoria, BC airport. Often ride shares are arranged between participants and are requested by those who need them closer to the retreat date. Ideally it would be best if you can arrive into the airport by approximately 2 pm pacific time to allow enough time to travel and catch a ride with someone. Check-in is 5 pm.

If you are travelling by ferry from Vancouver, you could travel from Tsawwassen terminal into Schwartz Bay which is about 30 minutes from Victoria. Total travel time from the mainland ferry departure terminals would be approximately 3-4 hours depending on weather and traffic. We recommend giving yourself extra time and enjoy your conscious transition from the outside world into this very special ceremonial journey.

For departures, again it is recommended to give yourself buffer time from when you leave the retreat to arriving at the airport or ferry terminal. This will support your integration process post-retreat.


Please email us at

Upcoming Level 1 & 2 Retreats for 2023


Level 1 - The Self-Healing Path

Breathwave Level 1 provides the foundation for this form of conscious connected breathing and focuses on personal healing. 


It is a requirement for the Breathwave Levels 2 and 3 Facilitator's Trainings.


This five day breath journey is designed for anyone to ground down into the body temple, breathe and open your wings by establishing the practical means of a self healing practice.

This Level 1 is a ceremonial dance of the Five Elements through morning yoga, 2 daily breath sessions, group council, sound healing, meditation, life visioning, developing goals and intentions, complimentary breath techniques and tools for integration. Your life is changed for ever, this week is to give back to you.

The only prerequisite for this retreat is to establish a clear intention and honestly communicate where you are at with the Application form.

Together we will enjoy two breath sessions daily, share in council, daily movement, rest and fresh catered nourishment for the purpose of healing, embodiment, world service and balance.

LEVEL 2 - The Facilitator's Path: One-on-One Training


This 5 day 50 hour intensive training is packed with the tools to begin the path of facilitating Conscious Connected Breathing. It is designed for those who want to learn the necessary skills to support others as a Breathwave Facilitator. We continue to dive deep in ceremony with the opportunity to breathe and facilitate the breath each day.

This program is in alignment with International Trainings standards for Certification in the field of Conscious Connected Breathing. It will provide the science, skills and experience to become a professional facilitator of Conscious Connected Breathing.

To become a One-on-One Breathwave Facilitator, the Level 2 training is taken twice - with time in between to do practicum sessions and return with questions based on hands-on experiences.

The collective river of experience is guided by facilitators who have dedicated their lives to the gift and service of breath.

We are in an important time to transcend the paradigm we are currently living in. By reconnecting to our inner guidance we are tuning into the new frequencies of this new time through the cellular matrix of our bodies. Through Breath Translation and coaching skills we learn from the patterns that arise in the breath and how to hold space for what is moving while deeply trusting in the Universal intelligence of the human bodies innate wisdom.

Together we will enjoy two breath sessions daily, share in council, daily movement, rest and fresh catered nourishment for the purpose of healing, embodiment, world service and balance.

This is for you if:

  • You’re willing to be deeply honest with yourself and looking to go deeper into your soul’s truth.

  • You have done a certain amount of work on yourself already but want to take the next step.

  • You are looking to explore new avenues and are willing to learn.

  • Your heartfelt desire is to unlock your soul’s potential, expand your horizon, and connect with your life purpose and soul evolution.

  • You have a strong passion to go deeper into the exploration of human nature and the mystery of life.

  • You have a sincere desire to connect and work with others.

  • A sense of humor and a heartfelt desire to connect with the playfulness of your inner child is also greatly appreciated.

This 50-hour Level 2 training includes Foundational Breathwork theory, philosophy, and techniques, including experiential education in:

  • the technique of conscious, connected breathing

  • related breathing techniques that support and complement conscious, connected breathing

  • self inquiry and empowering questions

  • reading the body and breath

  • developing the ability to perceive the imbalances/”story” in the body and breath

  • a wide variety of effective tools used to safely and confidently facilitate others

  • conscious touch

  • affirmations correlating to the story of the body and breath

  • inquiry

  • toning, releasing movements, and body repositioning

  • how to recognize and work with common breathing patterns

  • use of intention, invocation, and themes

  • psycho/spiritual counseling

  • sound healing – the power of our own voice and using vibrational healing instruments and music

  • a ceremonial approach to holding of sacred space

  • holding group sessions vs private sessions

  • collaborating with other modalities

  • six personal facilitated breath sessions

  • six opportunities to practice facilitating someone else in a breath session

  • the importance and helpful keys to self practice

  • The Breathwave Conscious, Connected Breathwork Facilitator Training Manual

Your Facilitator

Robin Clements b&w.jpg

Robin Clements is a passionate, grounded and humble leader in Breathwork.


He is the Founder of Breathwave, Sr.Teacher Trainer of Breathwave, Founder of Baja Wellness, Doctor of Divinity, surfer and a father.


Robin has received initiations from lineages including, Transformational Breath, Re-birthing, Shiva Rea, Lakota, Anishinaabe, Navajo, Mexica, Huichol, First Nations and several bodywork certifications.His passion is facilitating collective breath ceremony and teaching teachers.


He offers a space grounded in science, held in prayer, insight, compassion and humility with 22 years experience guiding BreathWork and yoga.The offering of this Breath Training is his deepest call and highest service at this time.


He will also be accompanied by special guest teachers and facilitators to assure every participant gets the hands on support and one on one guidance necessary for this training.

Questions: feel free to email us at

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