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Todos Santos, Breathwave, Level 2 & 3, 2

Levels 2 b & 3 - Baja, April 2020

This Advanced Breath Training consists of Level 2b & 3 of The Breathwave Facilitators Training Program in alignment with International Trainings standards for Certification in the field of Conscious Connected Breathing.

As breathwork is a very powerful tool that can open individuals to deep and permanent healing, higher vibrational frequencies and very powerful altered states of consciousness, it is not something to be taken lightly or shared with others without proper training.


The collective river of experience is guided by facilitators who have dedicated their lives to the gift and service of breath and energy.


We are in an important time to transcend the paradigm we are currently living in. By reconnecting to our inner guidance we are tuning into the new frequencies of this new time through the cellular matrix of our bodies.


The intention of this training is to learn and establish this life skill through direct experience of daily conscious breathing practices and facilitation training.


Together we will enjoy 2 breath sessions daily, sharing council, daily movement, rest and fresh catered nourishment for the purpose of healing, embodiment, world service and balance.


This Training will be held at an incredible private garden of Eden in Todos Santos Mexico with a 5 star pool, comfortable bathrooms and showers, kitchen and relaxing area as well as an adobe Sweat Lodge that we will close with on the last day!

The whole 12 days will be catered by the amazing Dominique Sawyer of La Jardinera Plant Based, Garden Deli in Todos Santos, she is amazing!



ARRIVAL April 12 for dinner (You can fly in on this day or we can find you accomodations for the 11th)

April 12 – 17, Level 2b

April 18, Sweat Lodge, Rest and Level 3 Arrival day

April 18 – 24, Level 3

April 24 is Robin’s Birthday and we will be celebrating with a final sweat lodge.

LEVEL 2B - April 12 - 17, 2020

This Level 2b is the second half of the One-on-One Facilitator's Training. More training grounded in body work mechanics, body map and reading the breath is shared.

In this 2b we will introduce new Ancient Chinese Medicine wisdom and ancient shamanism within the teachings of the body map. The connection of the respiratory system to the central nervous system and how this influenes bio-chemistry and healing of the organs.

Dr. Magda Leszczynska will be present offering this new ancient wisdom teaching along with Robin’s experience of the subtleties and bodywork techniques to open the gateways.

This 5 day 50 hour intensive training is packed with the tools to begin the path of facilitating Conscious Connected Breathing. Designed for professionals to learn the necessary skills to support others as a Breath Facilitator. We continue to dive deep in ceremony with the opportunity to breathe and facilitate the breath each day.

Through Breath Translation and coaching skills we learn from the patterns that arise in the breath and how to hold space for what is moving while deeply trusting in the Universal intelligence of the human bodies innate wisdom.

This 50-hour training includes:

Foundational Breathwork theory, philosophy, and techniques, including experiential education in:

  • the technique of conscious, connected breathing

  • related breathing techniques that support and complement conscious, connected breathing

  • self inquiry and empowering questions

  • reading the body and breath

  • developing the ability to perceive the imbalances/”story” in the body and breath

  • a wide variety of effective tools used to safely and confidently facilitate others

  • conscious touch

  • affirmations correlating to the story of the body and breath

  • inquiry

  • toning, releasing movements, and body repositioning

  • how to recognize and work with common breathing patterns

  • use of intention, invocation, and themes

  • psycho/spiritual counseling

  • sound healing – the power of our own voice and using vibrational healing instruments and music

  • a ceremonial approach to holding of sacred space

  • holding group sessions vs private sessions

  • collaborating with other modalities

  • Six personal facilitated breath sessions

  • Five opportunities to practice facilitating someone else in a breath session

  • the importance and helpful keys to self practice

  • The Conscious, Connected Breathwork Facilitator Training Manual


Each application will be reviewed thoroughly and, if deemed necessary, you may be asked to complete additional practices or healing work prior to being granted entrance into Level 3.


LEVEL 3 - April 18 - 23, 2020

Level 3 is packed with the training and experience to prepare trained facilitators to begin to share breath circles with numbers of up to 12 participants per circle for each Trainer.


This Level 3 Training is focused on the practical experience and unlearning necessary to hold an integral space as a Breathwave Trainer for a circle of breathers in a shared space.

*Participants must have Level 1 & 2 experience to attend Level 3*

This training consists of:

  • 2 daily Breath Ceremonies, yoga and meditation

  • Practical experience leading, presenting and facilitating a circle of breathers

  • Passing of a feather or talking stick

  • Theory and conversation about what it takes to be a positive leader, teacher and facilitator and how to stay out of the way and show up when necessary.

  • Ceremonial training to work with the power of prayer and miracle consciousness

  • Medicine song sharing

  • How to use music in breath to support the experience.

  • The fundamental aspects and science of Quantum Physics as the basis of vibrational medicine

  • Invocations and the angelic realm of support

  • Psycho – Spiritual Counseling tools

  • Dynamic group exercises for divine play, group connection and transcending the mind

  • The art of listening and the art of channeling what is needed for the group without personal agenda

  • Code of Ethics and Clear Agreement Policy


All facilitators are required to complete the Breathwave practicum and open book examination process before being certified as a Breathwave Trainer.

We honor the importance of integrity to the safety of this work in regards to the guidelines of the Clear Agreement Policy shared by all certified Breathwave Facilitators affiliated with the (C) BreathWave Training Organization (TM)



Feel free to email us at

Financial Exchange:


All in exchange for this Training is $1500cad per level for camping, 3 meals/day and training.

A Locals discount for Mexicans will be offered to locals.


We do make this opportunity accessible to all by offering a Payment Plan option. (Please ask for a Payment Plan application if you need financial support).


We have a limited max of 16 participants, a $250usd deposit for each Level reserves your place in the circle.

This training will fill up.


“Though I am not made of money I realize that any SERIOUS training that gets results requires a financial investment. Often what we give is what we get out of any experience.

Most Breath Training programs today are $2000 – $5000 per level plus accommodations & food.

If you have more, please offer more.

"We all pour our whole life into this training!” ~ Robin Clements

Robin Clements b&w.jpg

Your Facilitator

Robin Clements is a passionate, grounded and humble leader in Breathwork.

Founder of Breathwave, Sr.Teacher Trainer of Breathwave, Founder of Baja Wellness, Doctor of Divinity, surfer and a father.

Robin has received initiations from lineages including, Transformational Breath, Re-birthing, Shiva Rea, Lakota, Anishinaabe, Navajo, Mexica, Huichol, First Nations and several bodywork certifications.


His passion is facilitating collective breath ceremony and teaching teachers. He offers a space grounded in science, held in prayer, insight, compassion and humility with 22 years experience guiding BreathWork and yoga.


The offering of this Breath Training is his deepest call and highest service at this time.


He will also be accompanied by special guest teachers and facilitators to assure every participant gets the hands on support and one on one guidance necessary for this training.

Questions? Feel free to email us at

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